Netflix’s The Crown: Deconstructing the Coronation

The Crown‘s creator, Peter Morgan, is keeping details about the forthcoming second series as protected as the crown jewels, but has revealed that “its soul is about Prince Philip’s complexity”.


The producers are six months into filming the second series which will cover the Suez crisis, among other topics.

The show aims to tell the complete story of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in 10-part series.   


At a recent event held by the Royal Television Society, the team behind hit Netflix series The Crown explained how they made the first series of the show which looks at the life of Queen Elizabeth II.


When asked whether a third season has been commissioned, Morgan replied diplomatically: “We’re talking [to Netflix] all the the time but we just want to see how the second series goes.


“We’re pretty swamped at the moment. I’ve started thinking about a third season – you have to be responsible, you can’t say you’ll do it and then suddenly go, ‘actually I found out it’s really dull’.


“I have done some preparatory work, I’d be happy to do it, but at the moment I’m swamped.”

The Golden Globe-winning actress Foy recently confirmed that the second series would be her last as Queen Elizabeth.


Series two of The Crown is rumoured to be released on Netflix in November.

Source: The Crown’s creator Peter Morgan: “The soul of season 2 is Prince Philip’s complexity”

Source: The Crown: how the Netflix series became event television | Royal Television Society



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