Free Movie Monday!

If you have a bit of time and know where to look, it’s easy to find Movies for free online streaming.  Luckily, we have searched for you!  Get comfy, grab some popcorn and then Simply click on the TITLE of the show you would like to watch first.   

Here are this weeks finds:


The Reader

Date Night


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  1. chevymo says:

    Hi there … I LOVE your site and will certainly enjoy these movies but I have one question … I’m looking for Season 2 Episode 5 of Victoria? The link is nt correct and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use P Cloud???

    It’s the episode where Victoria goes to meet the Queen of Spain and I’d really like to see it. Anyalternative link would be so appreciated.

  2. Bea says:

    Try Daily Motion for Victoria episodes. They are usually available to the non-subscription reader on Monday or Tuesday after the previous Sunday airing on ITV in Britain. Was last Sunday the final episode for season 2 of Victoria?

    I regret that, except for the occasional e-mail, I no longer have access to Simply June website or facebook. Not sure what to do about it.

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