March 12, 2017

 Shining Through

The following shows have been added - some for a  limited time only - thanks to many viewer requests.  The Simply June team has not watched all of them so we have added the ratings so viewers have an idea of what to expect as far as if a show is family friendly or not.  You can find show info in link.  

Updated 2-7-17

We have received an overwhelming amount of requests for the newest additions listed below.
However, we have not viewed every show listed below in its entirety, so please note that they are rated MA - (mature audiences) for a reason.
In short, be aware each contains content that may offend.
Often, shows may have the same rating but for different reasons. Especially when it comes to movies/shows produced in different countries.
We recommend having at least basic idea of what to expect and then view at your own discretion.
Now that being said, we have had positive reports to go along with requests, or we would not post them.... so enjoy!

The White Queen - Historical Drama, MA
Versailles 2015 Biography, Drama, History - MA
Pillars of the Earth* Period Drama - MA

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