December 30, 2016

Simply Judy Garland....I Don't Care

Today's theme song is brought to you by 
Judy Garland and by
 those moments, 
maybe days,
possibly years, 
when you know exactly who you are and need no one else's opinions to feel good about yourself. 
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on a side note: how gorgeous is her dress?!  
Only a legend like Judy Garland could fling her arms around like that and still look amazing.  
If it was me singing and dancing it would  be a very different story.
the audience would be thinking,
"Girl, you better care!  Fling'n your arms all over the place like a crazy person...throwing off everyone's groove..."

Judy Garland 
 "I Don't Care" from

"In the Good Old Summertime." (1949)
They say I'm crazy 
Got no sense 
But I don't care 
They may or may not mean offense 
But I don't care 
You see, I'm sort of independent 
I am my own superintendent 
And my star is on the ascendant 
That's why I don't care 

I don't care, I don't care 

What they may think of me 

I'm happy-go-lucky, they say that I'm plucky 
Contented and carefree 
I don't care I don't care 
If I do get a mean and stony stare 
If I'm not successful 
It won't be distressful 
Cause I don't care 

A girl should know her etiquette 

Alas, alack 

Propriety demands we walk a narrow track 
When fellas used to blink at me 
I'd freeze 'em and they'd shrink at me 
But now when fellas wink at me 
I wink at them right back! 

I don't care I don't care 

If people frown on me 

Perhaps it's the lone way 
But I go my own way 
That's my philosophy 
I don't care I don't care 
If he's clerk or just a millionaire 
There's no doubt about it, 
I'll sing and I'll shout it 
Cause I don't care 

Oh, I don't care, I don't care 

When it comes to happiness, 

I want my share 
Don't try to rearrange me 
There's nothing can change me 
'cause I don't care!
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