October 09, 2016


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Last week viewer watched as Victoria learnt that she was pregnant with her first child and while husband Albert was thrilled with the news, the young queen was slightly hesitant.
Daniela Holtz as Baroness Lehzen and Margaret Clunie as Duchess Harriet SutherlandHer reaction was not surprising given that the only reason she is on the throne is because Princess Charlotte died in childbirth.
But her fear of giving her birth had intensified this week as she struggled with the final stages of her pregnancy.
One thing that did not waver however, was her stubbornness.
Assassin Victoria was insistent that she would not be kept confined to the palace and could go for a drive around London.
But her freedom came at a cost as a young man attempted to assassinate her. While she escaped unscathed, it only made her more afraid that she would not survive the impending birth of her unborn child.
Fortunately, with Albert and her mother, the Duchess of Kent, by her side, the diminutive monarch gave birth to a daughter much to the joy of those around her.
After all of the drama at the beginning of her reign and her marriage to Albert, it was so satisfying to see the couple finally happy.
It is clear to see why writer Daisy Goodwin felt that Tom Hughes and Jenna Coleman were perfect for the roles of Albert and Victoria as their on screen chemistry is incomparable.
Tom Hughes as Albert and Jenna Coleman as Victoria Meanwhile below stairs, Francatelli and Miss Skerret's blossoming relationship came to an end.
The chef asked the dresser to leave the palace, marry and begin a business together but after being given some very unhelpful advice from her friend, Miss Skerret decided not to end their relationship.
It wasn't long before she changed her mind but when she went to find Francatelli, she found he had left leaving her heartbroken.
With a second series of Victoria confirmed, will viewers get to see the pair reunited?
One can only hope.
Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in Victoria


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  3. I too am having problems since the update. I've watched them all straight through before but now it keeps cutting out 3-4 times each episode.

  4. Yes, and why is the screen size so much smaller on these last few?

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