October 02, 2016

Victoria - Episode 7

Victoria episode 7 review: The young monarch gets a VERY big surprise

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Things have certainly been heating up between Victoria and Albert over the past couple of episodes and this week they have to deal with the consequences of those steamy scenes.
As the pair enjoyed an intimate performance from a small orchestra at the palace, the young monarch appeared to feel rather queasy and made a quick exit.
While Albert was initially worried about his wife, he was soon overcome with joy when she revealed she was expecting their first child.
Of course, there was little time for them to celebrate with everyone offering their opinion on how Victoria should handle her pregnancy.
Sadly, Baroness Lehzen and the Duchess of Kent still do not appear to have realized that the Queen will do as she pleases and will not be told what to do. As a result, the Queen whisked everyone away for an expedition.
Victoria and AlbertJenna Coleman’s Victoria is wonderfully witty and sharp-tongued when she needs to be and her silly remarks about those who stand in her way make the ITV drama both refreshing and comical.

And while he was initially sidelined, it’s great to see Albert slowly being allowed to take more of prominent role in her life.
Tom Hughes continues to smoulder as the Prince and his determination and intelligence just make him even more attractive. He certainly gives Ross Poldark a run for his money.
FrancatelliMeanwhile, it’s getting harder not to become invested in the lives of the servants at Buckingham Palace and after weeks of tension between Francatelli and Miss Skerrett, the pair enjoyed a very lavish and romantic dinner.
At times their flirting seemed a little over the top but the light-hearted storyline makes for a welcome break from all of the drama above stairs.

Will the pair declare their love for another in the final installment next week?
Victoria and Albert

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  1. Watching these two smolder on screen makes it more understandable why she was such a stern queen after Albert died. She truly was missing her other half. And we know from history that her children did not fill the void. Poor Victoria. Heart and soul committed to her lost love,
    And destined to rule her country alone.