October 18, 2016


.: #quote #design #inspiration: " has caused a lot of problems in this world,but it has not solved one yet"~ Maya Angelou:
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Elder Larry R. Lawrence | 84 inspiring quotes from October 2015 LDS general conference | Deseret News: Brene Brown Quote about Integrity  “Here's what I think integrity is: It's choosing courage over comfort. Choosing what's right over what's fun, fast or easy. And practicing your values.”: Thomas S. Monson LDS General Conference Quote  : Madeleine Albright:


Deux choses nous empêchent d'être heureux ; vivre dans le passé et regarder les autres.:

I will rise from the ashes: The Heather Stillufsen Collection from Rose Hill Designs on Facebook, Instagram and shop on Etsy. All quotes and illustrations copyright protected:

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