September 25, 2016

Victoria - Episode SIX

Newlyweds Albert and Victoria struggle with married life

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They may be not be able to keep their hands off each other but outside the bedroom, married life isn’t so sweet for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 
Victoria and AlbertThe pair become increasingly frustrated with those around each other and they struggle to adjust to married life and Albert finds it impossible to fit into his wife’s busy schedule. 

Humiliated when he is not allowed to walk into dinner with Victoria, Albert sets about trying to prove himself and plans to speak at an anti-slavery rally. 
His impassioned and informative speech wins over many of those at the event, including Sir Robert Peel who has had a rocky past with the queen. 

Meanwhile Victoria sets about ensuring Albert is respected at court in her own way. In order to persuade her uncle that her husband should be allowed to be by her side at important occasions, she offers the Duke of Sussex’s wife a title so that she may be present at court. 

The gesture certainly pleases him and the young monarch is victorious in her endeavor, which both surprises and impresses Albert. 

The juxtaposition of the newlyweds schedules and attempts to ensure that Albert is taken seriously at court, is beautifully shot and reflects their characters well. 
Jenna Coleman as Victoria
The Queen embarks on some hilarious contraceptive methods
Perhaps the most comic moment of their relationship so far is when the Prince catches Victoria jumping up and down on a chair so that she will not become pregnant.  When he breaks the news to her that she is wasting her time and the only way to avoid having a baby is abstinence, the Queen is both shocked and disappointed.

Both Tom Hughes and Jenna Coleman give fabulous performances as the couple, who continue to learn more about each other as they enjoy the first few weeks of marriage.
Duchess Harriet Sutherland and Prince Ernest in ITV's Victoria
Meanwhile, below stairs, Mr Francatelli has pretty much declared his love for Miss Skerrett by risking illness to visit her cousin and baby in a quarantined part of London. 

FrancatelliWhile the dresser is shocked by his kind gesture and at sure seems wary about trusting him, she later appears to have warmed to the chef as she reveals her real name, Nancy.  Their relationship is charming, and while its inclusion in the story-line isn’t necessary, it’s certainly enjoyable to watch their love for each other blossom. 
The drama below stairs certainly rivals that of Downton Abbey, which many viewers became so fond of and it seems many fans of the series may become just as attached to Victoria’s royal household.
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  4. I loved it when Dash padded along with Victoria when she left the bed to do her birth control exercise - it was cute and very doglike.

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