September 19, 2016

Poldark vs Victoria

Jenna Coleman, Victoria, Aiden Turner, Poldark
5.1 million  viewers watched Victoria as the Queen fell for Albert.
4.8 million tuned into Poldark and saw Aidan Turner's Ross put on trial.  
Maybe Poldark should be getting his top off more often...

Victoria and Albert lay in bed together after tying the knot in ITV's new period drama Victoria, which the network hopes will battle it out with popular BBC drama Poldark


  1. I'm sorry that Victoria is no longer listed on your wonderful website. I've watched the first series about 4 times and did not have quite enough time to, well, take in the wonder of that amazing reign. Your posting caused me to buy and read the wonderful biography of Lord Melbourne by Lord David Cecil. The series was so true to Melbourne's own character. Thank you for sharing the series with us.