September 04, 2016


Glorious cast. Gorgeous locations. 
Billowing Costumes. Sweaty torsos. 

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Ep 1     Ep 1
"Which of us does not secretly adore him?" pines tragic Francis, about his disgraced cousin Ross Poldark. For the audience, at least, it's no secret...
BBC One's sweeping romantic drama has returned, with glorious cast, gorgeous locations and sweaty torsos all present and correct. And it doesn't waste time in getting on with the action, picking up right where we left off...

Poldark – played by a seething, sizzling-hot Aidan Turner – is whisked off to face the law regarding his involvement in the 'bloodthirsty' riots which took place last series. His arrogance and righteousness come to the fore, as he repeatedly refuses any help that may come his way.
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"They cannot hang me!" he barks. Of course, it's only ep one, so we know he won't get hanged – short series if he did – but at least he could be slightly concerned. Everybody else is...
And this is where the true heart of this installment lies – the people's loyalty to Poldark and the jealousy that arises from it.
Caroline Penvenen and Unwin Trevaunance in Poldark series 2, episode 2Francis (the endearing Kyle Soller), can only look upon his own life and envy a man about to die. His marriage is a sham and his livelihood all but gone. His ineptitude is palpable; those final moments are heartbreaking and we can only hope, somehow, that his apparent suicide is a ruse. Poldark needs Francis's heart.
Likewise, it needs – and hugely benefits from – the near-pantomime- villainy of George Warleggan. Actor Jack Farthing has truly become telly's greatest bad guy of the moment, with a demeanour that'll have you screaming for Ross to pam him. 
With every fresh word that springs forth from his venomous tongue (also translated to print, as he distributes libellious piece of 'literature' round the county to defame Poldark), George becomes more and more evil personified.
Farthing, though, keeps the character just on the right side of believable – you can still see how much he secretly admires Ross and wants to be him. Any time the two men face off – and there's two such encounters here – it's absolute gold.
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There's new characters to enjoy too. TV legend John Nettles pops up as the delightful Ray Penvenen, along with Gabriella Wilde as his heiress niece Caroline Penvenen - who, with her tiny canine companion, resembles an 18th century Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton.
Completing this new trio is Hugh Skinner as would-be politician Unwin Trevaunance – and Skinner lights up the screen here just as he has done previously on W1A, The Windsors and Fleabag.
With Unwin on board for this new series, it looks there's much hilarity to come from Poldark – a welcome respite from all the  threats of execution and brooding on clifftops.
Image result for poldark season 2 picturesThe episode's denouement, set in Bodmin – portrayed as a real 'the hive of scum and villainy' – is perfectly paced, with the arrival of Poldark's ladies – Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), Verity (Ruby Bentall) and Elizabeth (Heida Reed) - ramping up the tension as they refuse to sit by and let the men make all the mistakes.
Poldark's return is pacey, breathless and matches anything that has came before. Turner fans may well be aghast at having to wait a full 20 minutes before he de-shirted (yup, we checked) but should be left sated by intimate love scenes shared with red-headed goddess Tomlinson.

Matching the beauty of the cast, as always, is the exquisite and moving score and utterly gorgeous costume design and location shooting. Sumptuous in the extreme.
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It's not all perfect. Debbie Horsfield's script is a little too on the nose at times, with heavy exposition dumps to remind us of the events of the first series, and how the various character dynamics play out. But we'll forgive that, this being the opening of a new batch of episodes.
So who's watching Poldark with me?  This is the star of the series Irish actor Aidan Turner

You're Welcome.

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