September 25, 2016

Victoria - Episode SIX

Newlyweds Albert and Victoria struggle with married life

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They may be not be able to keep their hands off each other but outside the bedroom, married life isn’t so sweet for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 
Victoria and AlbertThe pair become increasingly frustrated with those around each other and they struggle to adjust to married life and Albert finds it impossible to fit into his wife’s busy schedule. 

Humiliated when he is not allowed to walk into dinner with Victoria, Albert sets about trying to prove himself and plans to speak at an anti-slavery rally. 
His impassioned and informative speech wins over many of those at the event, including Sir Robert Peel who has had a rocky past with the queen. 

Meanwhile Victoria sets about ensuring Albert is respected at court in her own way. In order to persuade her uncle that her husband should be allowed to be by her side at important occasions, she offers the Duke of Sussex’s wife a title so that she may be present at court. 

The gesture certainly pleases him and the young monarch is victorious in her endeavor, which both surprises and impresses Albert. 

The juxtaposition of the newlyweds schedules and attempts to ensure that Albert is taken seriously at court, is beautifully shot and reflects their characters well. 
Jenna Coleman as Victoria
The Queen embarks on some hilarious contraceptive methods
Perhaps the most comic moment of their relationship so far is when the Prince catches Victoria jumping up and down on a chair so that she will not become pregnant.  When he breaks the news to her that she is wasting her time and the only way to avoid having a baby is abstinence, the Queen is both shocked and disappointed.

Both Tom Hughes and Jenna Coleman give fabulous performances as the couple, who continue to learn more about each other as they enjoy the first few weeks of marriage.
Duchess Harriet Sutherland and Prince Ernest in ITV's Victoria
Meanwhile, below stairs, Mr Francatelli has pretty much declared his love for Miss Skerrett by risking illness to visit her cousin and baby in a quarantined part of London. 

FrancatelliWhile the dresser is shocked by his kind gesture and at sure seems wary about trusting him, she later appears to have warmed to the chef as she reveals her real name, Nancy.  Their relationship is charming, and while its inclusion in the story-line isn’t necessary, it’s certainly enjoyable to watch their love for each other blossom. 
The drama below stairs certainly rivals that of Downton Abbey, which many viewers became so fond of and it seems many fans of the series may become just as attached to Victoria’s royal household.
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Poldark 2 - Episode 4

Episode Four 

Poldark episode 4 review: fishing, flirting and Aidan Turner's "Mr Darcy moment"
If the sight of Aidan's Turner's Ross Poldark carrying his heavily pregnant wife off a boat and through the water – whilst having a tiff – wasn't enough to have you swooning all over the shop, then you're dead inside.
Demelza and Ross in BBC One's Poldark s02e04It was a scene straight off the cover of a romantic novel, as Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) went into labour and, thankfully, gave birth without any issues. Quite the happy ending to an episode which had its fair share of remarkable moments.
Let's get the plot out of the way first: blah blah blah, mine stuff; blah blah blah, shares; blah blah blah, navigable inlets; blah blah blah, something about copper?
We're being slightly unkind here, but there's much more rewarding elements to this episode going on elsewhere.
In particular, the ongoing love / hate / doctor / patient relationship between local handsome physician Dwight Enys (played with endless charm by Luke Norris) and Caroline Penvenen (a delightfully perplexing Gabriella Wilde).
Despite the locals coming down with a bad case of collective scurvy – 'cause, you know, the poor - the self-centred Penvenen makes demands of her favourite doctor.
After an amusing exchange of letters over the course of nearly three months (that's true love!), the couple come face to face with some of the most erotically-charged tension and filthy dialogue this side of The Great British Bake Off.
Caroline Penvenen in BBC One's Poldark s02e04We can't have been the only ones to raise a shocked eyebrow at the question: "Are you going to examine my throat or not?" from young Miss Penvenen. Add to that, "You bruised my mouth with your fingers," and there's sure to be some raised eyebrows on the latest Points Of View.
There are tender moments between the two, though Caroline manages to ruin it by practically quoting Dickens' Scrooge at Dwight regarding the possible deaths of his patients - "keeps the numbers in check."
Gabriella WildeThis does not go down well with our dashing doctor. However, the "rich and privileged" Caroline (her words, not ours) makes up for it supplying the scurvy-ridden populace with oranges.
Poldark Season 2 Couple Spotted On A Date; Episode 4 Trailer, SpoilersSadly, the two have to part. But her query of, "I wonder if we'll ever meet again?" becomes slightly redundant when the trailer for next week's episode lands but minutes later, revealing their reunion.
Another couple who finally resolve a whole lot of built-up tension - though in a very dfferent way - are Ross Poldark and his nemesis, George Warleggan (Jack Farthing).
Their scrap's been brewing for some time and didn't disappoint, a surprisingly visceral battle with George attempting to gouge Ross' eyes. It's surprising just how well Warleggan handled himself - the boxing lessons really paid off. We can't help feel, however, that there's a round two on the cards...
Farthing gets his chance to shine (and slime) as George obsequiously sleazes over Elizabeth (Heida Reed), requesting delicately a "renewal of our former intimacy," and then a "gradual increase in it." The dirty boy.
Not only that, there's a distinct whiff of emotional blackmail as he suggests this act would protect her loved ones.
Even four weeks into its second series and Poldark keeps striking gold, with another eventful and dramatic episode. With Ross indulging in some dodgy dealings and Verity's hubby finally befriended by Francis, there's no let up for fans - and we didn't even mention the Demelza ankle shot!

September 19, 2016

Poldark vs Victoria

Jenna Coleman, Victoria, Aiden Turner, Poldark
5.1 million  viewers watched Victoria as the Queen fell for Albert.
4.8 million tuned into Poldark and saw Aidan Turner's Ross put on trial.  
Maybe Poldark should be getting his top off more often...

Victoria and Albert lay in bed together after tying the knot in ITV's new period drama Victoria, which the network hopes will battle it out with popular BBC drama Poldark

September 18, 2016

Poldark - Episode 3

"Men look at other women and women look at men sometimes" - Ross Poldark
Poldark series 2 episode 3
* Warning: spoilers below in Recap             Review from 
Episode 3                       Episode 3

Ross Poldark fans look away now. Tonight, for perhaps the first time, we saw a side to Aidan Turner’s hero that we might not like very much. He hurt poor Delmelza’s feelings with what appeared to be some wayward and unhusbandly late-night flirting with his first love Elizabeth. The cad.

The occasion was a harvest party at which Ross and Demelza appeared to patch things up with Francis and Elizabeth. But as the night wore on and Francis slumbered upstairs, Ross told his old love: “I remember a time you were already perfect… to me, I mean.”

Steady on. Demelza didn’t quite catch that line, bit she did appear at the door and ear-wig on the rest of their nocturnal reflections, including the bit where Ross tells Elizabeth that she now looks “like a girl of 16, the age when I first knew you.”

No wife wants to hear her husband say that to his ex, now, do they?
Ross also proceeded to suggest that their love could have overcome the obstacles of their conflicting temperaments, before praising Elizabeth for bringing “the light back to Francis’ eyes.” Go to bed Ross, suggested Elizabeth, not before time.

Poor Demelza didn’t take all this very well, grumping away upstairs when Ross did finally retire and commenting archly: “Elizabeth looked well tonight.” She finally managed to tell Ross about her pregnancy, though.

Dramatically speaking, it was an intriguing and finely-tuned visit to Cornwall tonight, where present and future troubles fermented away. Ross’s money worries continue to mount, forcing him and Demelza to sell most of their possessions to meet their debts, and Warleggan has a spy in the Wheal Leisure mine.

Still, the light, as ever in Poldark land, was on hand to offset the shade and the funniest moment of tonight’s episode was the resurrection of Jud.

Yes, Phil Davies’ sweary boozy factotum had been beaten to death – or so it seemed – by Warleggan’s brutes for failing to testify against his master. And his demise prompted much sadness from everyone. Well. Sort of.

Poldark -“I have known him since I was a child. He was the most useless servant under the sun,” said Ross. “But he taught me how to smoke a pipe…”

Francis found a new lease of lifePrudie seemed to enjoy her husband’s demise for the opportunity it gave her to drink away her sorrows and get some fine clothes for his funeral. “Ne’er a cross word did pass his lips.” she said of Jud, proving that in death his character was going to be wholly, and not entirely honestly, reappraised.

Only Jud wasn’t dead. The disappearance of the body, laid out in winding sheets, wasn’t the work of body snatchers as Prudie feared, but the miraculous agency of... God knows what. Jud was alive all along and he got up to go to the pub because he had a "thirst on". Jud lives! Lord be praised.

The second best moment of comedy came earlier when Jack Farthing’s creepy Warleggan proved he was so afeared of a beating from Ross that he'd taken up boxing lessons, prancing round his living room like an idiot.

I suspect Warleggan will be needing a bit more practise when Ross clocks the full extent of his enemy's malevolence, however, and those mine-hewn fists of our hero are thrown into action.

Victoria - Episode 5

Victoria and Albert 

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Episode Five Recap by  Edwina Langley the Evening Standard
While the show is set nearly 200 years ago, the episode held a thoroughly relevant central issue: how the power-balance should play out between a man and a woman when the breadwinner of the household is the lady. How many viewers’ had their feathers a tad ruffled by this very modern question?
Jenna Coleman as Victoria and Tom Hughes as Albert not only make a very handsome pair, but a passionate one too. From the opening minutes, they were hiding round corners and locking lips with each other in deep, saucy embraces…. 
“We must get married as soon as possible,” Victoria whispered. 
“I agree,’ said Albert in that gorgeously smooth drawl. 
(“We agree too!” we shouted at the telly, though we’re not quite sure they heard us.) 
Then began the business of preparing for the wedding – aka deciding Albert’s allowance and whether there should be a title to go with it. It was hard not to agree with him that repeatedly asking Victoria for dosh for his hankies might get a little tedious, but Victoria’s fears about where the money might later be spent (on ‘actresses’) was a valid point too. How we chuckled when Lord Melbourne sowed that seed of doubt… 
“At least I know Albert doesn’t have any secrets,” Vics said. 
“No,” Lord M replied. “No…. Well, that usually comes later Ma’am, but no.” 
We’ve got to give it to the guy, he won’t give her up all that easily.
Lord Melbourne and Victoria
Of course we felt truly dreadful for Lord M this week. You could almost see his heart break when Victoria told him news of her engagement. He couldn’t look her in the eye – and yet he continued to stoically advise her: “If the people get into the way of making kings, they might get into the way of unmaking them,” he warned the angry Queen as she threw around suggestions of Albert as ‘King Consort’.
The biggest laugh Lord M gave us was undoubtedly that look at Lord Chamberlain’s dramatic entrance. The total opposite of funny, however, was his final scene with the newly wed Queen – the spark in his eye when she told him she would “never forget”, and that restrained little kiss on the cheek… Lord M might not have managed to steal Victoria’s heart, but he definitely managed to steal ours. 
At least there were some laughs in the quite adorable house of ill-repute scene. Having been dragged to the establishment – or ‘university of love’ – by his playboy brother Ernest (David Oakes), Albert was subsequently forced into the company of Gretchen. That he then requested a ‘non-practical’ lesson with just paper and pencils wholly saved his reputation in our eyes. We especially liked the translation, “I do not wish to engage with you, Gretchen”, which had us in stitches.
A quick clap for that special moment later on between the brothers: “Now you have Victoria,” Ernest said softly, “and she will never leave you. Do you know how much I envy you… and how I will miss you!” Oh Ernest, stop!
A more serious matter was the politicians versus the prince. It was frightfully unkind of old Wellington to cast doubt over Albert’s faith (though his comment in church: “Surprised he didn’t cross himself when he came in. He even walks like a papist…” definitely got a chuckle out of us). Also, wasn’t Albie’s £30,000 a year with no title just a bit stingy? Well done Victoria for your ‘Knight of the Garter with no seat in the House of Lords’ high honour offer, which quite placated the Prince… 
Victoria and Albert's weddingBest of all was when he went off in a huff to practice his fencing – there’s nothing we like more than a V&A quarrel, it just reinforces the passion. The tension that built as Victoria, in that regal purple gown, rushed out into the garden to challenge the swordsman… And Albert’s reluctance to cease practice under her shouty instruction, defiantly pointed the sword at her chest. We knew he was just messing with her though – never fear – and that cheeky smile at the mention of her uncle’s ‘actress’ totally won us over once again. This scene helped to clear the pre-marital air; he’d never have a mistress (yay!) and she would love, honour and… obey (erm, we’ll see…)
And then there was the wedding itself. No Mendelssohn’s Wedding March for our Queen – Martin Phipps’ specially composed Hallelujah was what our beautiful heroine walked down the aisle to, wearing – shock horror – a white dress. (We can’t see that trend catching on, not ever …)
The couple had a total of 9 childrenReception over, it was off to the honeymoon and hello to the moment we’ve all been anticipating: the bedroom scene. How innocent she looked, how nervous they were, all that business with the madeira or no madeira, we even felt nervous for them.
The nail-biting slowness of pace and that hovering over one another only added to the tenderness of the moment. Indeed, any fears we’d had previously that their chemistry might not be up to our inexplicably high standards were completely and utterly, er, put to bed. It was, as we said, the best episode of the series. We can’t wait for it to be outdone next week. 

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