August 29, 2016

Victoria - Episode 2

“She’s got an unstable temperament,” said her fiendish uncle, 
the Duke of Cumberland (a lip-smackingly devilish Peter Firth). 
“Her wits are fragile.”
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Episode Two Review


The second episode focused on Victoria’s job of selecting a new prime minister to rule alongside her. She favored Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell) and why wouldn’t she? She’s a teenager, and teenagers are motivated by good-looking men. Lord Melbourne knew he was irresistible – but he couldn’t really be bothered with the whole running the country thing, instead urging his rivals, “she would be yours if you would just flirt a little”.

Rufus Sewell as Lord Melbourne
Rufus Sewell

But Victoria had a core of steel. When potential candidate Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) suggested she reshuffled her ladies-in-waiting to incorporate more political diversity, she wasn’t having any of it. Her ladies were pretty much the only people the poor lamb could trust, since the rest of her retinue of hangers-on, including her own mother, were up to all sorts of nasty manipulations. Fortunately, because Victoria had her wits very much about her, she was wise to it. “I am not a piece of clay to be molded by any hand,” she declared.

One of the most entertaining scenes came when Victoria cast a critical eye over prototypes of a coin bearing her face. “I have no chin in this one and two chins in the next!” she wailed. “I look like a goose wearing a crown!” Teenagers, eh? If only she’d had Instagram filters at her disposal.

Elsewhere – namely, downstairs – there were murky goings-on. I have a very bad feeling about palace chef Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley), who, in the space of a few scenes, went from light flirtation with maid Skerrett (Nell Hudson) to some very dark threats which can only end badly.

Not an awful lot of note really happened in this latest episode, but some developments are looming which could turn this series from cosy Sunday night fare to something far more exciting. “The Queen must marry soon, and then she will look to her husband and not to me,” said Melbourne, setting up the fact that she’s about to be match-made with Albert.

A love triangle?   
Tell us more.
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