May 22, 2016

Poldark Season 2 Update!

Great news for all the Poldark fans out there!

BBC One tweeted this video in March of Aidan Turner celebrating the wrap on some of the final scenes of Poldark season 2! 
Needless to say I am over the moon to hear of any news/details/pictures about season two!

Although there is no exact release date for season 2, it is set to air sometime this Fall. This extended wait time is partially due to the fact that there will be ten episodes in season 2 rather than eight. Until fall here is some pics to help you get your Ross Poldark fix ;)

If that still won't get you through until Fall you can always check out the original Poldark from 1975 here!


  1. That last picture of the "original " Poldark series is actually the one from the 80's. The original one stars Robin Ellis,

  2. Wow my withdrawal will be over soon? That is awesome. He really is so perfect in so many ways. Hard working, understanding, giving, romantic,caring, selfless,smart, forgiving, honorable.......let see did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, killer smile, hot body and one of the best looking men I've ever seen besides my husband and Tom Selec. Can't wait. Thanks for the up date June! 💞

  3. Do you have the rest of the episodes from the 1975 series of Poldark? I only see episodes 1-12.

  4. Hey there. Looks like season 2 starts Sept 4th. Will you be posting the episodes then?