September 16, 2015

Just Let Go - Simply Inspiring

Looking back I knew very little about Chris William's amazing story when I walked on the set last year. What I did know after meeting the people behind the movie was that the story was in good hands.   It was going to be heartfelt and inspiring. So when I got my tickets for the first private screening, I couldn't wait to go.

You would have thought that my sons would have been as excited as I was to see this movie, even if it was only because their mom (yep, that's me) got to be an extra in the background of a few scenes.  But no.  

The truth is that my two teenage sons weren't exactly thrilled to accompany me to an advance private screening of  'Just Let Go' last night.  They weren't as excited as I was to see what they thought would be "another religious movie" so I bribed them with the promise of a nice steak dinner beforehand.  That did the trick.  During dinner we talked about Chris Williams, the book he wrote and his incredible story.  We ate steak and talked about forgiveness.  

As we were walking into the theater about an hour later the new consensus from my boys was that the story was really cool but since they now knew how the story ended, they might be bored.  

Oh, how wrong they were.  

We all thought we knew the story.  We were all so very wrong.  There is so much more to this incredible story.  Details we never knew.  In fact, there was one moment when we all actually gasped and turned to look at each other.  Even in the dimly lit theater I could see the impact this film was having on my boys.  

Maybe it was because Chris Williams, who was sitting directly behind us,  had spoken to us just before the film began. When he spoke, his spirit filled the room. This wasn't a character dreamed up by Hollywood, but he was a real man who found himself in the most unthinkable nightmare - losing half his family to the recklessness of a drunk driver.  

We didn't know the whole story because we  didn't really know him.  Seven years of getting the real story full of important details from Chris Williams himself paid off for those talented writers, producers and directors, because "Just Let Go" introduced us all to the man.  

We watched the giant screen last night as Henry Ian Cusick brilliantly portrayed Chris William's heartache, pain, anger and sorrow. Pair that with family tensions, mounting medical & legal bills, and being a single parent to children who just had their lives turned upside down and it made his decision to forgive the boy who caused it all, even more incredible.  

In the final moments of "Just Let Go" we see that there is someone else working on forgiveness. After doing all he can to make things right, Curtis, the boy in the orange prison jumpsuit who sat across the table from Chris Williams,  has to learn how to forgive himself. He has to just let go of what he can not change.  "Letting go" is what eventually makes us better in spite of our trials instead of  making us bitter.

As the credits began to roll and the lights came back on a beautiful inspiring song (RISE & FALL by Ryan Innes -The Voice)  played.  Listen to the words and you'll see, it was the perfect ending.  

I didn't need to ask what my sons thought of the movie.  It was written all over their faces. Instead of asking when we could go, they asked to stay behind a while so they could meet and talk with Chris Williams.  And so we did just that.  It was a conversation I will treasure always.

I absolutely loved this film and it's message.  Forgiveness has been tough for me many times and in some areas of my life it still is.  "Just Let Go" inspired me and gives me hope.  It also touched two young men who thought a well cooked steak was going to be the best part of their night and were happily - thankfully - proven wrong.

Go see this movie. It is showing in a special ONE NIGHT ONLY event across the country on Monday, September 28 in over 500 theaters nationwide.

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  1. This film was SUCH an honor to be a part of. It was wonderful being with you also on set and seeing the private screening last night also. I am so touched by you sharing the emotions of your boys! The ending was not what we all thought it would was MORE! Fabulous post! Everyone should go and see this film! xo Molly

  2. June I have to tell you that I just came across this post and I even though I've missed the movie night (I'm in Canada so not sure if it's been here or not), I will be searching it out. I have two teenage boys as well. Also, this is very close to home as just last week a family lost a Grandfather and three grandchildren that he had in his car to a drunk driver near Toronto. Such a tragic story, but I'm very interested in seeing this movie. Thanks for posting! :)