September 17, 2015

Downton Abbey - Final Season: First Look

The upcoming season picks up six months after season 5’s finale, and in 1925, Lady Edith is trying to start a new life in London (“The fact is, I’d like a life”), but her sister Lady Mary doesn’t expect much to come from that. And while Thomas is looking for a friend, Mrs. Hughes just wants her fiancé, Carson, to call her “Elsie” (baby steps). As for the Dowager Countess? Well, she’s still delivering the sassiest comebacks.  

Only THREE more sleeps until Downton begins again in the UK!

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  1. Hi June! Thank you for sharing all these amazing shows. I have spent hours and hours watching several different series and enjoyed every minute. Will you be posting the revised Season 2 finale of A Place To Call Home? It has a new ending leading into Season 3. Just wondered...again thank you!