August 12, 2015

Downton Abbey Couple Together Again

Downton Abbey’s  Mary and Matthew Re-united. . . 

and There Is a Picture!

Courtesy of PBS.

Be still, our beating hearts.

With the final season of Downton Abbey quickly approaching, we worried that we would never see Lady Mary re-united with her one and only true love, Matthew Crawley. Certainly there were some logistical barriers preventing this reunion—Matthew being dead and all—but we hoped that Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes would work his magic, with a final season flashback to Mary and Matthew’s happier times. Or else a scene showing the ghost of Matthew watching over our deliciously bitchy Downton heroine. Fortunately for us, however, actors Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens, who play(ed) the beloved characters, got together outside the constraints of the period drama.
On Wednesday, Dockery posted an adorable Instagram of the handsome Downton husband and wife. Both decked out in formalwear—would you expect anything less?—the two posed at a special BAFTA event in Richmond, England, on Tuesday night that celebrated the period drama. Dockery captioned the adorable photo: “Reunited. I've missed this face.”Swoon.
Stevens, being the gentleman he is, posted the same Instagram with a different, colorful filter and equally sweet caption: “Me & M’Lady together again...”
The reunion between Dockery and Stevens—who is playing the Beast to Emma Watson’sBeauty in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Disney classic—arrived at the perfect time for Lady Mary, who probably needed some spirit lifting after the cast said good-bye on Twitter this weekend.

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  1. Dear June -

    When will you begin posting Downton Abbey Season 6? Not sure if you are in the US or the UK. Thanks!

  2. Have you seen the new trailer for Season Six?! Be still my British drama loving heart!! Carson -- giving dear Mrs.Hughes (his soon to be wife!) a tender kiss on the forehead. OMG! I am so excited!! PLEASE tell me you will be uploading DA according to the UK release as in season's past. It airs September 20th. THANK YOU for bringing Downton to us here in the US ahead of schedule. WE LOVE YOU, JUNE!!

    Houston, TX

  3. When will we be able to see the second season of Indian Summer ?