July 19, 2015

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home is an Australian television drama series set in New South Wales in the period following World War II.  It follows Sarah Adams, who has returned to Australia after twenty years abroad to start a new life and ends up clashing with wealthy matriarch Elizabeth Bligh. 

It was created by Bevan Lee and has been described as a "compelling melodrama about love and loss set against the social change of the 1950s"

Season ONE 

E01 E02  or  E01 E02  

E03    E04 or E03 E04

E07 E08  or  E07 E08           

E11    E12 or E11 E12

E13 or E13


S02E03 S02E04 S02E03 S02E04           

S02E05 S02E06 S02E05 S02E06          

S02E07 S02E08 S02E07 S02E08          

S02E09 S02E10 S02E09 S02E10


S03E01 S03E01


  1. Great series, can't wait to see season 3 (in filming right now). Thank you June, for bringing us quality viewing.

  2. I loved it also. I thought season two episode one was so strange though. It did not fit in with the rest of the show at all. Left me so confused. If she is an old, old lady how can they do a season three? Who was the young girl interviewing her and who was the housekeeper?? I guess I will watch season two over again and try and make sense of it. Thanks June!!!

    1. I wonder if the “housekeeper” Leah in Season 2, Episode 1 is the same Leah that is in Season 1 who had TB and was cured? Also I think that the interviewer (Samantha) is part of the Bligh family since she called Elizabeth “Gran.” Maybe Samantha is the daughter of Gino and Anna?

    2. I think that the interviewer is the daughter of Olivia and James. She is played by the same actress who plays Olivia. So...they must have another child.

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2015

    I read that the first 2 episodes of the 3rd season have been aired. Any idea where or if there is a site from the USA that we can watch these. I am dying to know what comes next for these fabulous characters!!

  4. I also am looking forward to Season 3. I visited Dachau, and enjoy the story line about the backstories. Looks like the Series starts back up in late September.

  5. Thank you for posting this!!! Loved it & can't wait to see Season 3.

  6. This was a great series. Thank you for posting! I love these new period pieces, much like the old fashioned soap operas.

  7. I don't know how you air these, June, but thanks for your time and effort.

  8. Outstanding, thank you!!

  9. Thanks for posting this series. Enjoying it very much!!

  10. Enjoyed Season 1&2 - when can you show Season 3? I have become a real fan!

  11. Just finished Season 1&2. Have become quite an addict! When can you show Season 3?