March 22, 2015

Mr. Selfridge 3 - Episode NINE

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‘Mr Selfridge’ Season 3 Episode 9 review

A ‘Sale of The Century’ extravaganza throughout the store is the focus of this week’s episode.
Pushed by his declaration to give the shareholders a much higher return on their investment, Harry bulk buys products to boost profits. However, the decision does not go down well with the local press, other retailers or the Selfridges shareholders.
“Do you know there’s an article in here, calling our sale ‘unpublic spirited, encouraging people to be spendthrift.’ What utter tosh,” Miss Mardle declares, reading from the local paper.
Shop keeper Sir Robert, obviously feeling the pinch from Harry’s sale, warns: “I’ve no doubt your Board will have plenty to say about the bad publicity.” And of course they do, spurred on by a malicious Loxley (Aidan McArdle).
“The Board is concerned about a warehouse full of stock, bad press, protesters outside the door…spiraling expenditure.” This manipulation forces the Board to call an emergency meeting, but Henry is trying to stay one step ahead, invoking a two week postponement to buy him some time. This will no doubt come to a head in next week’s finale.
Mr Selfridge 3 9
The Nancy situation intensifies with Gus finding the engagement ring, forcing Nancy to explain she has chosen to be with Harry.
“I’m going to build those homes and I’m going to be Mrs Harry Selfridge,” she explains. Nancy has been a woman balancing two worlds, but now she has decided where her loyalties lie. Sadly, she looks set to be exposed, either by a selfish Gus or by Princess Marie (Zoe Wanamaker) who starts to become suspicious of Gus and investigate him.
It’s an episode that also sets up events to have an effect both in next week’s finale and in the recently announced fourth season: Miss Mardle choosing to sell up, the discovery of Lady Mae re-marrying and George coming back to Selfridges as Head of Security all being catalysts for future storylines.
Mr Selfridge Miss Mardle
We also see the relationship between Miss Calthorpe and Gordon Selfridge continue to be tried. “I’m a shop girl, you’re the boss’s son. We come from different worlds…I have to make my own way,” she declares. Despite the fight, they do reconcile by the episode’s end and it’ll be great to see this relationship continue into next season.
Despite signs of a thaw in their rift over Billy, Miss Mardle (Sherlock‘s Amanda Abbington) faces the brunt of Mr Grove’s cruelty as Billy attempts to contact him directly for access to Ernest. Angered by this, he takes it out on Miss Mardle, even going so far as to undermine her as she is is not a mother. Yet she is quite ready to fight back, providing the episode with one of its best moments:
“Let me tell you something…you are a hypocrite. Oh yes, Doris let you down. But have you really forgotten that we had an affair behind your first wife’s back….You’re right, I am not a mother, but I am a human being. There was a time I thought you were one too.”
Mr Selfridge 3 9 HANNAH TOINTON as Violette
This week’s Mr Selfridge is a packed hour, laying the foundations for new developments and providing those involved with some stunning performances. The episode builds its drama up and up in preparation for next week’s finale, which if it manages to touch upon all the elements laid here, should be spectacular.



  1. I just noticed that the season three finale of Mr. Selfridge (S03E10) wasn't posted yesterday. I do hope that all is okay, and you and your family are well.

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    1. Just updated the link! It should be back up and running now :)