January 21, 2015

What's Today's Forecast?

Not long ago I was invited along with a few other bloggers, to meet and visit with a local news team. It was really interesting so see how things are behind the scenes and fun to meet everyone.  

I recall talking for quite a while with the weather man and thinking how amazing it is that he is usually able to predict the weather for the up coming week. 

Long before we see the the dark clouds for ourselves, we know that a storm is heading our way.  Thanks to him, we know what to expect, and so we prepare.  We buy umbrellas, snow shovels, extra food and water and we avoid the roads that we know are dangerous when it snows.  
When it comes to dealing with people, we can do the same...

It doesn't matter how brightly the sun is shining - some people will always see clouds. Don't let anyone else ever drag you into a storm only they can see, or one they created themselves simply because they enjoy complaining about the weather.  

Don't allow someone else's negative attitude to bring you down as well.  Their forecast is always dreary because they don't live in the same world you do.  Don't hang out with people who bring you down.  Visit if you must, but if you don't like rain, don't move to Seattle.  
If there is someone who is toxic to be around, who always makes you feel worse about life and yourself - avoid going down that dangerous, icy, snow covered road at all cost.  It's like poison to your spirit. 

If that road is unavoidable, for example, someone you work with, see often or live with - at least be prepared. How?  Surround yourself with people who are a positive influence and supportive.  They are your 4-wheel drive and snow tires in a winter storm.  Your best friends and loved ones are the tow truck you call when you slide off that road anyway.  We prepare for life's storms by having emotional back up and support from people who bring out the best in us.  

Toxic, unhappy or insecure people unfortunately  carry storm clouds wherever they go.  We let them change how we feel about ourselves, our choices and our life in general - often it builds over time but sometimes all it takes is one hurtful comment.  We often give others FAR too much power over how we feel.   

I can name countless times I let the opinions, actions or mood of others determine or affect my attitude negatively.   I just stood there in the rain, upset that I was getting wet when all I needed was to decided early on that no one else will determine my attitude.  The positive attitude you choose to have each day is your umbrella.    

As nice as he is, the weather man can't help us with life's storms. It's up to us to choose for ourselves what our mood will be.  Dark and gloomy or bright and sunny?  
What would your day be like if you choose to see the sunshine where others may only see clouds?  Make sure you always have an umbrella on hand and then you only have to ask yourself...what's today's the forecast?  

January 12, 2015