December 14, 2014

LIFE LESSONS: My Grandparents & a Little Green Plant

I read a quote the other day that reminded me of my Grandparents, a little green plant and how we all treat each other.

I lived with my grandparents in high school.  Grandma was a brilliant cook and Grandpa was a deticated gardener.  They grew all sorts of fruits and vegetables in the back yard.  I remember one evening the weather man on KSL news reported that an unexpected frost would be hitting during the night so plants needed to be covered. Grandpa and grandma stepped into action.  In minutes we were all out back draping large blue tarps over half of the back yard.  

In the morning, my grandfather went out to survey the damage.  Our tarps had done the job.  Well, almost.   

Way in the back corner, one little plant had been forgotten.  I dont know if the tarp had blown off, not been tied down tight enough or if no one had noticed the little green plant against the fence. Whatever the reason, it was obvious that the little green fella had had a long, tough night.  I thought it was a lost cause but it was just one.  So no big deal, right?   Wrong.

My grandfather carefully dug up and then replanted the small green plant into a pot.  He then carried it inside.  For days my grandparents dotted over the little guy.  Water, sunshine, tender care. Soon, the plant was back out in the yard, back in his old spot, ready to grow to his full potential.  Not once did my grandfather think we had a rebellious, no longer useful plant on our hands - not worthy of saving.  Not once did any of us blame the plant.

If only people treated each other the same way.  When we see someone who has weathered a few storms, do we rush to help or do we roll our eyes, find fault  and see a lost cause?   Imagine if we gave people a bit more love and attention, instead of judging them.  So lets help them.  Because sometimes all a person needs is a little help finding warmth and to be facing the Son.


  1. What a neat story! It could definitely be in a general conference talk! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet, sweet story, especially for this time of year!!! Christmas blessings!