November 02, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - episode 7

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Edith found her way back, 

but the dog’s on the way out

Downton Abbey: Edith's back, but there's a shock death
Well we all knew it was coming after noises were made about the state of the dog’s health last week. In episode seven of series five it was confirmed that Lord Robert’s faithful dog Isis was dying from cancer and wouldn’t last much longer.
The show finished with the comatose dog lying on his and Cora’s bed for her final night, with Robert describing it as ‘Two people who love her and each other very much by her side’, which while sad does mark the thawing of relations between the pair. Every cloud huh?
What else happened in the house?
Aunt Rosamund and The Countess met up for crisis talks about the disappearance of Edith and had to confess to her mother Cora that Marigold was her granddaughter. Quite rightly Cora was distraught and the relationship between her and her old mother-in-law is now even more strained.
But the disappearance of Edith didn’t last long because she was easily tracked down at the publishing company offices.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 7
I’m back! (Picture: ITV1)

Rosamund, Cora and Edith hatched a plan to adopt Marigold into the Downton nursery with the story that the Drew family couldn’t keep her any longer. And soon enough the missing sister was back at the Abbey with her daughter. So that bombshell departure was easily sorted.
Quite keen that the disappearance of her sister shouldn’t upset her plans Mary was rather dismissive – ‘Edith’s gone away, so what’ – and kept up with her larking about with Charles, Tony and Mabel who were staying at the house.
Also staying over was Lady Rose’s new love interest Atticus Aldridge and his family. She is so into her new beau she told Robert she wanted to ‘rush in like billy-o’ but he of course put a dampener on things reminding her of the difference between her and their Jewish family.
But the dashing chap secretly proposed and was accepted. Is another Abbey wedding on the cards soon?

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 7
Rose find love at last (Picture: ITV1)

Charles kept up his campaign to fix up Tony Gillingham with Miss Mabel and staged a daring scenario in which he and Mary were caught kissing, the noble Lord finally took the hint and wished her well as he walked off with his former and now new partner.
Mary confessed she felt ‘quite sad in a way’ but everyone in the foursome was probably relieved. But as Charles left for Europe it does mean that Mary is quite alone and without a current love interest.
Isobel announced at dinner that her and Lord Merton were to wed, but the happy toast to ‘the future Lady Merton’ kind of stuck in her friend Violet’s throat.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 7
So happy for you… not (Picture: ITV1)

Mary told her Granny she had to ‘be bigger than that’ if she was jealous of Isobel becoming a ‘leader of the county’. However it seems the problem the Countess has with the marriage is not envy as she confessed ‘I’ve got used to having a companion, a friend’, highlighting the loneliness of the elderly woman living apart from her family.
I’m sure Mrs Crawley won’t ignore her friend once she becomes Lady Merton.
Dispatches from downstairs – the servant’s digest:
Daisy came over all political lamenting the state of the first Labour government and Molesley continued his campaign to take over her teaching.
She, Molesley and Baxter took a trip to visit Mr Mason (her father-in-law) in the country which of course gave the maid and footman chance to get even closer.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 7
Daisy – not happy with the government (Picture: ITV1)

Baxter tried to make amends to Anna and Bates after being called up to give evidence to the police about the death of Green and Barrow has been dropping little hints and suggestions to everyone about how to make their lives easier. Hmmmm. Is change afoot below stairs?
Anna saw Marigold arrive at the station with Edith and Cora and of course (after having already found the photo of a child in Edith’s burnt bedroom) wanted to discuss the situation with Mrs Hughes who reminded her that ‘The child is safe and the child is loved and that’s all we need to be sure of’. I love Mrs Hughes, you could trust her with anything!
Most shocking revelation – the weekly gasp:
Lord Merton’s sons arrived to be introduced to their new soon to be step-mother. These two are rather unlikeable chaps, Larry having previously fallen out with Tom Branson over his love of Sybil (who Larry quite hoped to wed himself).
He voiced some rather objectionable opinions over dinner about Edith’s new’s adopted ‘orphan’ but then turned on Isobel suggesting that the ‘wide disparity in class might be your undoing’ and saying that the marriage to his father would be an ‘inevitable failure’.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 7
Branson – what a guy (Picture: ITV1)

Everyone was rather shocked and Robert stood up for Isobel but it was Tom Branson who really shut up the unpleasant guest by calling Larry a ‘bastard’. Shock! Horror!
There’s nothing like a bit of foul language to enliven a dinner at Downton. Violet suggested he had stumbled across a ‘foreign tongue’ and it caused much scandal below stairs, chiefly because Mrs Hughes didn’t want that kind of language spoken in front of the maids. Quite.
Violet Crawley speaks – the best quotes from the Countess:
On whether or not Lord Grantham had a right to know about Edith’s baby: ‘He’s a man, men don’t have rights.’
To a dismissive Mary – ‘A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears’

As her snooty butler tried to hand her notice in – ‘Typical Spratt, as touchy as a beauty losing her looks’


  1. There were so many stories swirling around in this episode. Can't believe there's only one left and then we have to wait for the 2 hour Christmas special! At least we can watch it all over again once PBS starts airing Jan 5, 2015.
    Many thanks June, for sharing the same timeline as our UK friends. Always a lovely gift that's much appreciated!

    1. Hear Hear!!! May I be so bold to ask where is Episode 8? Coming soon? Many Thanks. Been anxious all day since I saw spoilers on my Facebook page.

  2. Whether "Isis" shares her name with a terrorist organization or not, she has been around since season 1 and would be at least 12 years old by now- which is the average life expectancy for a Labrador.
    I hope they get a puppy.

  3. Did anyone else think that in the preview for next weeks episode they are hinting that maybe Mary and Tom will get together? There are so many great stories happening right now! I love it!

  4. When does the next episode air?

  5. Having just lost a cat to cancer last week, the Isis storyline took up nearly all of my attention and my sympathies. Poor Robert, he will be positively lost without her, though at least Isis helped bring Robert and Cora back together once again. And bravura acting by the dog, truly!

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  8. Hi June,
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  9. So sad about the loss of Isis. Even if it is a tv show....