October 28, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - Sneak Peek at Episode 7

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Episode 7 predictions: 

sick dogs, fresh blood and mystery letters

Downton Abbey series 5

What's next after Edith's flight?  Pandemonium.

Gregson is no more. Edith fled from the estate. Lady Mary paraded her new look. Barrow faced the music regarding his true sexuality. Lord Merton popped the question. Indeed, the sixth episode of the fifth season of ITV's television drama "Downton Abbey," as expected, did not disappoint. There were hefty revelations complemented with the right amount of shock. This has always been the formula employed on every highly-anticipated installment.
Downton Abbey series 5
In the upcoming episode, the hype will remain. Isobel will finally apprise the rest of the family of her wedding plans. However, it may not all be good news. The synopsis released for episode 7 reveals that in light of her announcement, "there may be trouble ahead." This may not be the work of the Dowager Countess this time however, despite her previous attempts to foil the Lord Merton-Isobel love affair. In fact, Violet will be a busy woman dealing with "warring servants" in episode 7.
In the previous episode, Lord Gillingham and Mabel Lane Fox were hitting it off, which seems to be the continuation of their romance off their busted engagement in the past. In episode 7, Charles Blake along with Lady Mary and her flattering new do, will send Tony "a strong message." Blake must be thinking how he formulated a plan this smart.
Downton Abbey series 5
The previous and the next are big for the pair of Bates and Anna. The man's imagination went wild when he stumbled upon contraceptives in her home. He immediately thought that Anna does not want to bear his child, which is probably way off. Bates has been tagged along in Green's murder and has successfully proven his innocence to his wife, although the physical proof has long been lost.
Downton Abbey series 5The rest of the synopsis is something to watch out for.
"Rose is delighted to be introducing Atticus and his parents to her family. Below stairs, Molesley is concerned as Daisy becomes disillusioned with her studies, so he hatches a plan to talk her around."

Downton Abbey, series 5
Poor Isis. She's been padding through the halls of the Abbey, chasing squirrels and having her ears tickled by Robert for series now. But it looks as though the pooches days are numbered.
Downton Abbey, series 5, Lady Edith
Downton Abbey, series 5
What a romantic tangle this lot have got themselves into. Miss Lane Fox loves Gillingham who loves Mary who doesn't know who she loves but it might be Charles Blake who is playing the group's puppet master. And I thought everyone harked back to the olden days because they were simpler times.
Miss Lane Fox has let her sunny demeanour slip here. She won't hang around Tony as long as he's persisted with Lady Mary. He'd better wake up and chose the right gal or there will clearly be hell to pay... 
Downton Abbey, series 5
The seventh episode of "Downton Abbey" season 5 will be aired on Nov. 2.
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  1. Wow, your hate of Mary is pretty sad. No has stood her up in that picture since it is her Violet's house and you can see her legs in the other chair.

  2. What's to like these days about Mary?