October 12, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - episode 4

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4

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Downton Abbey: Robert blows his top and Mary breaks it off

We’re half way through season five now of Downton Abbey and there are still plenty of story lines that still need wrapping up, most of them still rumbling on from the previous season, oh and the one before that…
What happened in the house? 
Lady Mary broke off from her understanding with Lord Gillingham, but Tony didn’t accept it saying that because they had slept together they had to work through it together.
He’s desperate to keep his hands on modern Miss Mary but she has other ideas in mind, which means the question of her next husband is still unanswered.
Obviously unaffected by her callous treatment of the lovelorn Lord Mary attended a fashion show with her aunt Rosamund and bumped into Charles Blake (because there are only a handful of young men in London obviously) who rather awkwardly was hanging around with Lord Gillingham’s ex.
Over dinner with Charles Mary admitted she was ‘very fond’ of Lord Gillingham but didn’t want to marry him. Could Blake still be in with a chance? Come on Mary put us out of our misery.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
Is Blake in with a chance with Mary? (Picture: ITV1)
The spectre of developer Mr Wavell continued to haunt the house as discussions rumbled on about the building of new homes on the Abbey grounds. Robert wasn’t in favour of change (natch) and decided to find an alternative way of using the land and raising money but in keeping with tradition.
Maybe a new project will cheer him up a bit because he’s certainly been a bit upset recently. Not least by Sarah Bunting and her bolshie ways as she caused yet another disturbance at dinner (they really should stop inviting her) by suggesting that the Lord of the House didn’t even know Daisy’s name and resented the young cook taking lessons.
A furious Robert banished her from the house.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
And don’t come back! (Picture: ITV1)
A shocked Carson dubbed the angry scene The Battle of Little Minx (not Little Mix) and Mrs Hughes thought Branson must be upset to have brought her into the house.
Anna reminded them of what the former chauffeur used to be like saying ‘they’ve made him one of them but it’s not who he really is’. Branson himself admitted since his wife Sybil he’d forgotten what it was like to be with someone who felt like he did. Surely he’s going to leave the family?
Robert’s cousin-in-law Shrimpie visited the house to inform the family and his daughter Lady Rose that he was divorcing his wife. I’m not quite sure what impact this is going to have on the overall storyline but it did remind Rose that she never wanted to be forced into an unhappy marriage.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
Shrimpie is getting a divorce (Picture: ITV1)
Unable to keep away Violet Crawley paid a visit to the Russian refugees in order to speak to her former friend Prince Kuragin who told her she was ‘beautiful’ and ‘hadn’t changed’.
Oo-er. Turns out he’d asked Violet to run away with him and she’d considered it before seeing sense, admitted her husband ‘like all English men of his type hid his qualities beneath a thick blanket of convention’. But when questioned if she had seen sense in time by Isobel the Countess confessed ‘I forget’. Goodness me!
In other OAP love stories – Lord Merton came to propose to Isobel Crawley and it was a very romantic scene indeed as he confessed to feelings of love for her. She was going to take time to consider his proposal, I hope she accepts.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
Isobel gets a proposal (Picture: ITV1)
There have been some developments with the case of the missing Michael Gregson as Edith was told there was to be a trial of a German gang leader who had got into a fight with the journalist.
Rebuffed by her daughter’s adopted family poor Edith is having a tough time at the moment. Violet told her she needed to learn to ‘leave things behind’.  Remember the Countess is one of the few family members who know about baby Marigold.
Dispatches from downstairs – the servant’s digest:
Barrow came back from his mysterious sojourn looking rather peaky and was discovered by Baxter administering to himself with medical equipment. This is all very sinister indeed.
After delivering a letter to Lord Gillingham maid Anna took a turn about London and was followed by a plain clothes policeman who obviously made the connection of the location with Green’s murder case. Could Anna now be looked at for the valet’s death?
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
It’s not looking good for Barrow (Picture: ITV1)
Molesley is finding life as first footman quite hard, but Daisy is blossoming with her lessons saying ‘maybe I’ll stay a cook all my life but now I have choices and facts at my fingertips’ and agreeing to help Mrs Patmore write a letter to the war office on behalf of her discredited nephew. Could the cook be on her way to a new future?
Most shocking revelation – the weekly gasp:
Robert was still talking over his wife’s conversation and cutting her off and completely at a lost to understand her recent interest in art history – well a certain Mr Bricker might have something to do with it? And as Robert turns more and more unreasonable the art historian is looking a lot more favourable.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
He’s certainly more dashing than Robert (Picture: ITV1)
He arrived back at the house looking all marvellous and dashing and in a passionate voice told Cora: ‘I think everything about Downton is beautiful, including it’s mistress’, gushing that he would ‘burst’ if he couldn’t express his feelings.
Their little encounter was disturbed just in time by Robert but his intentions are now officially declared.
Violet Crawley speaks – the best quotes from the Countess:
As Isobel chided her: ‘You’re only saying that to sound clever.’ Violet responded ‘Yes you should try it’.
And on discussing divorce with Shrimpie: ‘I won’t take sides it’s true but I am anything but neutral’.



  1. Thank you so much for posting these episodes!! What a wonderful treat :) I hope Isobel says "yes" too!

    1. Ditto on the Thank You. I was hoping that she would take the Doctor up on his offer they had so much in common, but his man seems truthful and deeply caring, not so much a business relationship. she needs someone in her life after losing her husband and son,I agree. LUV <3

  2. does anyone else find miss bunting appalling? i think she is rude for the sake of being rude. it's fine to have different ideals but not to constantly harass people with them. she is completely different from sybil's character, who had different ideas but was still kind to others. i wish they would write a better storyline for tom and give him someone decent to be with.

  3. Am I the only one who is so tired of Violet Bunting? Why would Tom put up with anyone who was so disrespectful of his in-laws in their home? This storyline has felt false from the beginning. The writer needs to find a more organic storyline for Tom.

  4. Agree about Miss Bunting! She is ridiculous. You can have different opinions and express them without being rude. I think Lord Grantham was justified in his anger after what she did. She has absolutely no respect. She is not good for Tom. Poor Tom.

  5. Really dislike Miss Bunting. She is rude and arrogant and every bit as dictatorial as she accuses others of being.