October 28, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - Sneak Peek at Episode 7

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Episode 7 predictions: 

sick dogs, fresh blood and mystery letters

Downton Abbey series 5

What's next after Edith's flight?  Pandemonium.

Gregson is no more. Edith fled from the estate. Lady Mary paraded her new look. Barrow faced the music regarding his true sexuality. Lord Merton popped the question. Indeed, the sixth episode of the fifth season of ITV's television drama "Downton Abbey," as expected, did not disappoint. There were hefty revelations complemented with the right amount of shock. This has always been the formula employed on every highly-anticipated installment.
Downton Abbey series 5
In the upcoming episode, the hype will remain. Isobel will finally apprise the rest of the family of her wedding plans. However, it may not all be good news. The synopsis released for episode 7 reveals that in light of her announcement, "there may be trouble ahead." This may not be the work of the Dowager Countess this time however, despite her previous attempts to foil the Lord Merton-Isobel love affair. In fact, Violet will be a busy woman dealing with "warring servants" in episode 7.
In the previous episode, Lord Gillingham and Mabel Lane Fox were hitting it off, which seems to be the continuation of their romance off their busted engagement in the past. In episode 7, Charles Blake along with Lady Mary and her flattering new do, will send Tony "a strong message." Blake must be thinking how he formulated a plan this smart.
Downton Abbey series 5
The previous and the next are big for the pair of Bates and Anna. The man's imagination went wild when he stumbled upon contraceptives in her home. He immediately thought that Anna does not want to bear his child, which is probably way off. Bates has been tagged along in Green's murder and has successfully proven his innocence to his wife, although the physical proof has long been lost.
Downton Abbey series 5The rest of the synopsis is something to watch out for.
"Rose is delighted to be introducing Atticus and his parents to her family. Below stairs, Molesley is concerned as Daisy becomes disillusioned with her studies, so he hatches a plan to talk her around."

Downton Abbey, series 5
Poor Isis. She's been padding through the halls of the Abbey, chasing squirrels and having her ears tickled by Robert for series now. But it looks as though the pooches days are numbered.
Downton Abbey, series 5, Lady Edith
Downton Abbey, series 5
What a romantic tangle this lot have got themselves into. Miss Lane Fox loves Gillingham who loves Mary who doesn't know who she loves but it might be Charles Blake who is playing the group's puppet master. And I thought everyone harked back to the olden days because they were simpler times.
Miss Lane Fox has let her sunny demeanour slip here. She won't hang around Tony as long as he's persisted with Lady Mary. He'd better wake up and chose the right gal or there will clearly be hell to pay... 
Downton Abbey, series 5
The seventh episode of "Downton Abbey" season 5 will be aired on Nov. 2.
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October 26, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - Episode SIX

Season 5, Episode 6: There is an irresistible bounce to the scandalous Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey series 5watch episode six HERE or HERE or HERE

Day at the races: Robert, Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) in episode six of Downton Abbey series fiveDay at the races: Robert, Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) in episode six of Downton Abbey series five Photo: ITVAs series five of Downton Abbey (ITV) began its gallop towards the finish line with Sunday's sixth episode out of eight, it felt like there were more plotlines jostling for position than horses at its gloriously picturesque point-to-point race. Jotting them down, I counted at least 11 in total, ranging from Lady Edith's (Laura Carmichael) love child saga to the Dowager Countess's (Maggie Smith) besotted Russian refugee to Daisy's (Sophie McShera) divided loyalty between dusting Victoria sponges with sugar and studying the Spanish War of Succession.
Downton Abbey series 5At fifty minutes per episode, this means that each story has an average of under five minutes per week. This breathless pace is sometimes Downton's strength, and sometimes its weakness: while certain scenes feel laughably peremptory, the drama also has an irresistible bounce. It's rather like Mark Twain's observation that “If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” If you don't like the storyline, put the kettle on then come back: happily, I never have to spend more than a few seconds staring at the broad plate of misery that is Mr Bates' (Brendan Coyle) face before the Dowager Countess is verbally impaling a servant.
We saw the dramatic climax of Lady Edith's story, as she discovered that her missing fiancé had indeed been done in by Hitler's henchmen (at least he hadn't merely choked on a pretzel). Fed up of weeping by the fireside, she snatched her daughter away from her secret foster home and checked in to a hotel for ice cream, champagne and looming ignominy. Her flight was hardly surprising, given that her family – with unfeasible insensitivity – had chosen to commiserate with a picnic and a day at the races. A clash with Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) as the household gathered for dinner also rang false: for all her prickliness, Mary has been built up as a sympathetic character who has matured through real grief, not someone to tell her distraught sister that she “always ruins everything” like a churlish five year-old.
While Lady Edith concealed the family scandal for the time being, Lady Mary contented herself with looking scandalous. She had her hair slashed into a bob, then tore around the point-to-point course in hot pursuit of her admirers, reversing the usual dynamic. How she managed to return from a frenetic gallop across muddy fields with impeccable makeup is a mystery on a par with who killed Mr Green. Still, the femme fatale role suits her as much as the haircut. Bring on the next episode, which promises more swift manoeuvring and gasps around the dinner table.

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October 22, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - first look at - Episode SIX

Here's a great preview of Episode SIX from
October 2014

Downton Abbey series five episode six preview and predictions: hair cuts, horses and family gold

Downton Abbey series five episode six preview and predictions: hair cuts, horses and family gold
Monday 20 October 2014 at 02:35PM
Sunday's episode of Downton Abbey saw fights, fall outs and potential new romances blossom.
Aunt Rosamund, up for a visit from London, guessed the truth about Marigold and asked if she could see her. But Edith's trip to the farm with her aunt in tow proved too much for Margie, and Tim Drewe declared that Edith's visits must stop. FOREVER.
Rosamund then decided to get Violet involved, who, unshaken by the news, put a plan in action to send the illegitimate child to a boarding school on the continent. 
Lady Rose met a nice young chap called Atticus Aldridge while she was visiting the Russians in York while Sarah Bunting decided it was time for her to leave the village. Her newest student Daisy didn't take the news well, crossing the upstairs/downstairs boundary to tell Branson that he should stand up for his friend. But Branson let her go, telling the opinionated schoolteacher that he was glad he'd met her, and that was all.
Robert finally worked out why Simon Bricker was so keen to spend time with his wife when he arrived home early from a dinner to find them both in his bedroom late at night. A tussle ensued with both men wrestling around on the carpet - and Bricker caught the first train back to London with his coat tails between his legs. 
In other news, Violet tried to show how unsuitable Isobel and Lord Merton are for each other, but ended up proving the opposite, Blake formulated a plan to get Gillingham back with his former fiancé Miss Lane Fox and Mrs Patmore inherited a couple of hundred quid from an aunt and decided to invest it in property. 
But what's going to happen next week? Spurious suggestions, anyone? 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6, Dowager Countess, Russian prince
Gosh. We thought we'd left all this racy behaviour behind - yet here the Dowager Countess is drinking (probably vodka) with her Russian Prince. In his bedroom, no less.
Sure, the bed covers haven't been touched - and we can't really imagine Violet giving in to her deep, dark desires - but there's clearly something between the elderly pair. They are practically playing footsie. 
Last week Cora had a strange man in her bedroom, the week before Mary was on her sexy "sketching trip". What has happened to this family's morals?
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6, Lady Mary, haircut
All this modern behaviour has gone to Lady Mary's head. Literally.
She's barely hidden her well-thumbed copy of Marie Stopes - and she certainly hasn't dealt with Gillingham's wrath post-tustle - but she's already on to something new. 
Introducing Mary's new stylist. The Gok Wan of 1924, if you will - a celebrity hair technician here to transform Mary's formal Victorian locks into a striking, sexy flapper-style do. We like. 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6, Gillingham
Gillingham wasn't this crinkly-eyed when we last saw him, spitting at Lady Mary about how awful she was for having done the dirty with him before saying 'I do.' Now, though, he's all smiles for his former fiancé Miss Lane Fox. 
Could Mary and Blake really have orchestrated renewed passion between him and his old flame? Nothing inspires romance like a spot of bloodthirsty fox-hunting, after all... 
Lady Mary, horses, Dowton Abbey, series 5, episode 5
She might have a fancy new look, but Mary's not looking too happy up there on her high horse. Could it be that she's changed her mind again and is regretting pushing Tony back together with his ex?
For all her modern new ways, the eldest Crawley sister seems stuck in her belief that when it comes to picking another husband, her only choices are Gillingham and Charles Blake. Someone introduce her to Tinder. There are more than two single men in Britain. This silliness has got to stop. 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6
Robert doesn't seem to have gotten over finding a dressing gown-clad Bricker in his bedroom last week. And we're not sure we blame him. It was an awful shock, though the blow must be softened somewhat by the confirmation that Bricker wasn't after his wife's brains after all...
Really, Lord G is dealing with it the only way he knows how: by turing up his nose and gazing disdainfully at his woman. Careful, though, Robert. You don't want to go the same way as poor ol' Shrimpie. Divorce could be catching, you know... 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6
What's this strange expression Edith is pulling? There are no tears spilling over her lashes. The corners of her mouth are turned up ever so slightly. Is she... smiling?
It seems as though, tired of being at the Drewes' mercy or bossed around by Rosamund and Violet, Edith has come up with her own plan. While everyone is messing around on horses, Lady Edith is going to steal Marigold, stuff a few handfuls of the family gold up her coat and run off to start a new life, "charming bastard" in tow. 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6
Looks like the police are still sniffing around Downton Abbey. Four visits from the force in the same number of episodes - that's the stuff ruined repuations are made off. And doesn't Carson know it. 
Eyes forward. If we ignore him for long enough, boys, he'll just go away...


October 19, 2014

REIGN - The rise of Mary Queen of Scots

Chronicles the rise to power of Mary Queen of Scots (Kane) when she arrives in France as a 15-year-old, betrothed to Prince Francis, and with her three best friends as ladies-in-waiting. It details the secret history of survival at French Court amidst fierce foes, dark forces, and a world of intrigue.


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Downton Abbey 5 - Episode 5

Downton Abbey: Lord Robert let's rip and Simon Bricker gets it

Kapow! All that pent up frustration exploded to the surface as Lord Robert finally landed one on his wife’s would-be suitor in the most thrilling scene of Downton Abbey season five so far.
The fifth episode opened with the exciting news that a nudist colony had been opened in Essex, which caused Violet some concern because ‘isn’t it terribly damp’ in that county? Indeed! Moving on to the good stuff…
Most shocking revelation – the weekly gasp:
Robert was invited to a racy cocktail party which meant spending the night away, and lo and behold who arrived to keep Cora company? None other than Simon Bricker.
And the the charming chap suddenly became rather oily as he presented himself in the lady of the house’s bedroom after dark, the shocked Cora rebuffed him of course but he pressed his suit asking her when she had last ‘been cherished’. Ergh.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 5
Is this the last we’ve seen of Simon Bricker? (Picture: ITV1)

Her husband arrived home unexpectedly to find the two of them in his room, he quite rightly saw red and thumped Mr Bricker before indulging in a spot of fisticuffs on the floor.
Bricker left the next morning in high dudgeon and I doubt we’ll see him again but he has left the Lord and Lady not on speaking terms as Robert has obviously had his nose put out of joint by the suggestion that he didn’t appreciate his wife enough.
It’s true though!
What else happened in the house?
In other news – Aunt Rosamund came to stay and was eager to question Edith about her daughter and see little Marigold for herself. (Remember the helpful Lady Painswick was the one who helped Edith hide her pregnancy.)
Mr Drew told Edith that she couldn’t come and visit anymore or his wife would make them leave, taking their adopted daughter with them.
Violet and Rosamund joined forces to convince a very distressed Edith that the child should be sent away to a secret boarding school. All of this will surely force Edith’s hand to do something desperate and reveal the true identity of her daughter? She looks to be taking matters in to her own hands as she made a secret call to London.
Mary had another dinner with Charles Blake which was also attended by Lord Gillingham’s ex Miss Lane Fox. Naughty Charles tried to get her to entice Tony back so he’d leave Mary alone but quite rightly she was rather offended at the suggestion saying she certainly didn’t want Mary’s cast offs.

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 5
Oh Mary, we’re as bored as you are with this storyline (Picture: ITV1)

Violet Crawley continued with her quest to help her cast out prince by finding his lost Russian princess and her continuing endeavours had her friend cousin Isobel saying ‘you’re as infirm as Windsor Castle’.
Violet also tried to enlist Dr Clarkson’s help with keeping Lord Merton and Isobel apart. The good doctor suggested that the Countess liked her friend better when she was ‘more middle-class’ and did she ‘resent a change of position’ for Mrs Crawley, but Violet only suggested she didn’t want Isobel to live ‘a hollow existence in a large and drafty house’.
During a lunch Dr Clarkson suggested that actually the Lord and Mrs Crawley were actually well suited and it seems that the Countess finally agrees. But will they marry?
Lady Rose finally got a storyline as she bumped into a handsome chap called Mr Aldrige and told him all about her Russian teas, but his family heritage was questioned by the refugees. Are we too late in the season for Rose to really create a stir this time?

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 5
At last! A plot for Rose (Picture: ITV1)

Branson told Robert he was’t going to invite Sarah Bunting to dinner anymore after last week’s little showdown but confessed that when he was with her he didn’t feel like a ‘freak or a fool’. Robert reminded him he had befriended people he had once seen as enemies as they shared an illicit drink BEFORE dinner – don’t let Carson catch you.
Tom finally made a decision and broke it off with the schoolteacher saying it was best before one of them got hurt and that he didn’t despise the family even if he was still a socialist.
Sarah decided to leave the village but not before letting him know that she could have really loved him. He thanked her for reminding him of who he was but does that mean the former chauffeur will finally settle with the family for good?
Dispatches from downstairs – the servant’s digest:
The police came to interrogate Anna and Lady Mary and it seems the investigation into the valet Green’s mysterious death is now looking toward the lady’s maid.
Surely her husband Bates will step in and admit to the crime in order to save her from further suspicion? He promised his wife that she would always be safe and they would grow old together, I do hope so, I think they’ve been through enough.
Barrow – who is looking more and more peaky as the days go on – was soon on the case asking Mrs Hughes what Anna and Bates had to do with Green, how long can it be before he sniffs out the real reason?

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 5
Branson calls it off with the school teacher – no more awks dinner parties then (Picture: ITV1)

Mrs Patmore was left a small inheritance which she asked Carson’s advice about, she was unsure of his suggestion about investing in a building firm and her and Mrs Hughes confessed that maybe a man’s advice isn’t always the best. That’s right ladies. She decided to buy a little cottage with the money and take on lodgers and brilliantly made it seem like it was the head butler’s idea all along.

With only a few episodes to go in this series I do hope that the Green storyline gets wrapped up and even more I hope that Edith ends the season happy?

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October 17, 2014

The White Queen

EPISODE ONE or if that doesn't work, click HERE
Having been widowed and lost access to her Lancastrian husband's property in the War of the Roses, Elizabeth Grey is encouraged by her mother Jacquetta to put herself in the way of the new Yorkist King, Edward IV, and appeal to him directly. Edward, already with a reputation as a womanizer, is instantly drawn to Elizabeth's beauty, and makes arrangements to see her again. When Elizabeth rejects his sexual advances, he agrees to marry her and make her Queen of England. However, the secret marriage does not go down well with England's court, especially with Edward's mother, Duchess Cecily, and his most trusted adviser, the Earl of Warwick.

EPISODE TWO or if that doesn't work, click HERE
An extravagant coronation is planned in an attempt to silence critics of the marriage between Elizabeth and the king. Warwick's discontent with Edward's choice quickly makes itself known, as he refuses to allow his daughters to become her ladies-in-waiting. Margaret Beaufort, whose son Henry Tudor has a claim to the throne, sides with Warwick and Edward's brother George, Duke of Clarence, in the hope that her child will be returned to her. Meanwhile, Warwick makes use of his elder daughter Isabel in an attempt to unify the Nevilles and the Yorks by marrying her to the Duke of Clarence, heir presumptive to King Edward.

or if that doesn't work, click HERE
After a rebellion by the Earl of Warwick results in the deaths of Elizabeth's father and brother but fails to put George, Duke of Clarence, on the throne in Edward's place, an uneasy peace is concluded between Warwick and Edward. It lasts only a short time before they rebel again and are forced to flee to France. Their supporters in England, including committed Lancastrian Margaret Beaufort, are left to face the consequences. Seeking vengeance for her father and brother's deaths, Elizabeth and her mother Jacquetta turn to the occult, with devastating consequences for Isabel Neville, who loses her baby while en route to France with her husband.

EPISODE FOUR or if that doesn't work, click HERE
Warwick's campaign with George has failed, so the desperate Kingmaker turns to Margaret of Anjou, the Lancastrian Queen, as his only option to stop his family from losing everything. To seal the deal, his youngest daughter Anne is married off to the heir to the Lancastrian throne, the cruel and spoilt Edward, Prince of Wales. Back in London, Edward and Elizabeth are troubled by news of this new alliance, and are taken by surprise when Warwick leads an assault on London. Warwick, now in control of the country, has Jacquetta tried for witchcraft, but his plans are thwarted when she appeals to her friend Margaret of Anjou for a testimonial. Seeking sanctuary at Westminster Abbey with her children, Elizabeth is joined by her mother and finally gives birth to a baby boy.

or if that doesn't work, click HERE
Lancaster is restored to the throne in the form of the demented King Henry VI, and Margaret Beaufort brings her son to receive his blessing. Margaret of Anjou sails for England with her new daughter-in-law Anne by her side, to take her place beside her husband. However, news that Edward is returning with an army unsettles the court, and, in a desperate attempt to protect her husband as the York and Lancastrian forces meet on the battlefield, Elizabeth again turns to supernatural forces. Margaret Beaufort is horrified when her husband decides to fight for York; he is seriously wounded in the battle. Warwick's death results in another change of monarch, and Elizabeth rejoices at her husband's return, but is dismayed when he and his brothers murder King Henry VI in order to remove all Lancastrian opposition.

EPISODE SIX or if that doesn't work, click HERE
Although Warwick, Henry VI and Edward of Lancaster are all dead, the court is unsettled. Elizabeth is concerned by Edward's growing attraction to his new mistress, Jane Shore. She is devastated by the death of a baby son shortly after birth, coinciding with the death of her mother Jacquetta; her distress causes Edward to reaffirm his love for her. Meanwhile, George attempts to control the widowed Anne Neville and obtain sole access to the Neville inheritance by locking her away and threatening her with a convent. Anne's upset is further increased as Isabel sides with George; her only friend is the King's youngest brother, Richard, who eventually snatches Anne from Clarence's grasp and marries her. The fanatical Margaret Beaufort tries to increase her power by re-marrying to one of King Edward's closest advisers, Thomas Stanley.

EPISODE SEVEN or if that doesn't work, click HERE
The brief peace is broken when Edward decides to make war on France, but both George and Richard are horrified when he makes peace in return for financial gain. Both Elizabeth and Anne give birth to sons. George's frustrations lead him to make a deal with the French king. When his wife Isabel dies, after giving birth to the son he has longed for, he accuses Elizabeth of causing her death by poisoning and employs a sorcerer to work against her "witchcraft" and plot the king's death. Left with no choice, Edward recognizes his brother as a traitor to the crown, and condemns him to death. Duchess Cecily, who greatly favors George above her other sons, pleads with Edward and blames Elizabeth. George selects drowning in a butt of Malmsey wine as the method of execution. Elizabeth finally has her revenge against her father's and brother's killer, but it brings her no satisfaction.

EPISODE EIGHT or if that doesn't work, click HERE
The King is taken ill. Foreseeing his death, he asks Elizabeth to send for his brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester, whom he appoints Lord Protector. Elizabeth, mistrustful of Gloucester, asks her brother Anthony to arrange for her son, now King Edward V, to be brought to London by his half-brother Richard Grey; they are intercepted by Gloucester and the young king is taken to the Tower of London. Anthony pleads with Elizabeth to cooperate with Gloucester, but Margaret Beaufort and her husband Thomas Stanley sow seeds of mistrust in both camps, recognizing the potential advantage for Margaret's son. Meanwhile, the Duke of Buckingham, himself a distant claimant to the throne, works for his own ends. Elizabeth takes her children into sanctuary and tells Anthony to ensure that the fleet is ready to rescue them; ordered to send her second son to join his brother in the Tower, she sends a boy of common birth as a substitute. Gloucester, at first protective of his nephews, executes Anthony for treason when he hears of the Woodvilles' intentions. He is soon persuaded by his wife Anne to have his nephews declared illegitimate, on the grounds of a previous promise of marriage made by Edward to another woman. He and Anne are then crowned instead of his nephew.

EPISODE NINE or if that doesn't work, click HERE
Stanley advises Margaret to ensure that the two young princes do not survive the attempt to free them from the Tower; having unsuccessfully sought a sign from God, she instructs her men to kill the boys. Anne Neville, now queen, simultaneously hints to Brackenbury that she would prefer them dead. The attempted “rescue” is thwarted. Buckingham is persuaded to give his allegiance to Henry Tudor and implies that he will carry out the murder of the princes. It becomes clear that the two boys in the tower (the Prince of Wales and the impostor planted by Elizabeth) are dead, and Richard returns to London to look for them. After he secretly visits Elizabeth in sanctuary, she realizes that Margaret has deceived her and puts a curse on the boys’ murderer. Buckingham, unable to join forces with Jasper Tudor, is captured and executed, and Margaret is placed under house arrest for her role in the failed rebellion.

EPISODE TEN - final episode
or if that doesn't work, click HERE
Despite the threat from Henry Tudor, King Richard III remains confident that his reign is unthreatened. Richard begins to take an interest in his niece Elizabeth of York. Anne is jealous, but Richard reveals that he is doing so only to prevent Elizabeth's marriage alliance with Henry Tudor. The former Queen Elizabeth warns her daughter of the curse they cast on Prince Edward's killers: that his children and grandchildren would be struck down prematurely; this could include the young Elizabeth's children should she marry Richard. Following the death of his only son and heir, an embittered Anne dies, and Richard immediately dismisses Elizabeth, realising that his strategy has driven away Neville supporters. Lady Margaret Beaufort is still under house arrest, and there is friction between her and the young Elizabeth of York, who has been sent to stay with her. As Henry Tudor prepares to cross the Channel with his army of French convicts and mercenaries, a solar eclipse takes place; Margaret sees this as a message from God that Henry will be king. She defies her house arrest to ride to Bosworth field where she pleads with Stanley to fight against the king, but he refuses to commit himself. She sees Jasper and is able to talk to Henry before battle commences at Bosworth. Things are not going well for Tudor until Stanley's men charge the king's forces. Richard is killed. As Stanley kneels to offer Henry the crown, Margaret declares herself "Margaret Regina", ordering her husband to remain kneeling before the mother of the king. Elizabeth is reunited with her son Richard and warns him not to seek revenge. She tells her daughter that she will marry Tudor and become queen, just as she herself once was.

October 12, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - episode 4

Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4

watch HERE or HERE or HERE

Downton Abbey: Robert blows his top and Mary breaks it off

We’re half way through season five now of Downton Abbey and there are still plenty of story lines that still need wrapping up, most of them still rumbling on from the previous season, oh and the one before that…
What happened in the house? 
Lady Mary broke off from her understanding with Lord Gillingham, but Tony didn’t accept it saying that because they had slept together they had to work through it together.
He’s desperate to keep his hands on modern Miss Mary but she has other ideas in mind, which means the question of her next husband is still unanswered.
Obviously unaffected by her callous treatment of the lovelorn Lord Mary attended a fashion show with her aunt Rosamund and bumped into Charles Blake (because there are only a handful of young men in London obviously) who rather awkwardly was hanging around with Lord Gillingham’s ex.
Over dinner with Charles Mary admitted she was ‘very fond’ of Lord Gillingham but didn’t want to marry him. Could Blake still be in with a chance? Come on Mary put us out of our misery.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
Is Blake in with a chance with Mary? (Picture: ITV1)
The spectre of developer Mr Wavell continued to haunt the house as discussions rumbled on about the building of new homes on the Abbey grounds. Robert wasn’t in favour of change (natch) and decided to find an alternative way of using the land and raising money but in keeping with tradition.
Maybe a new project will cheer him up a bit because he’s certainly been a bit upset recently. Not least by Sarah Bunting and her bolshie ways as she caused yet another disturbance at dinner (they really should stop inviting her) by suggesting that the Lord of the House didn’t even know Daisy’s name and resented the young cook taking lessons.
A furious Robert banished her from the house.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
And don’t come back! (Picture: ITV1)
A shocked Carson dubbed the angry scene The Battle of Little Minx (not Little Mix) and Mrs Hughes thought Branson must be upset to have brought her into the house.
Anna reminded them of what the former chauffeur used to be like saying ‘they’ve made him one of them but it’s not who he really is’. Branson himself admitted since his wife Sybil he’d forgotten what it was like to be with someone who felt like he did. Surely he’s going to leave the family?
Robert’s cousin-in-law Shrimpie visited the house to inform the family and his daughter Lady Rose that he was divorcing his wife. I’m not quite sure what impact this is going to have on the overall storyline but it did remind Rose that she never wanted to be forced into an unhappy marriage.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
Shrimpie is getting a divorce (Picture: ITV1)
Unable to keep away Violet Crawley paid a visit to the Russian refugees in order to speak to her former friend Prince Kuragin who told her she was ‘beautiful’ and ‘hadn’t changed’.
Oo-er. Turns out he’d asked Violet to run away with him and she’d considered it before seeing sense, admitted her husband ‘like all English men of his type hid his qualities beneath a thick blanket of convention’. But when questioned if she had seen sense in time by Isobel the Countess confessed ‘I forget’. Goodness me!
In other OAP love stories – Lord Merton came to propose to Isobel Crawley and it was a very romantic scene indeed as he confessed to feelings of love for her. She was going to take time to consider his proposal, I hope she accepts.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
Isobel gets a proposal (Picture: ITV1)
There have been some developments with the case of the missing Michael Gregson as Edith was told there was to be a trial of a German gang leader who had got into a fight with the journalist.
Rebuffed by her daughter’s adopted family poor Edith is having a tough time at the moment. Violet told her she needed to learn to ‘leave things behind’.  Remember the Countess is one of the few family members who know about baby Marigold.
Dispatches from downstairs – the servant’s digest:
Barrow came back from his mysterious sojourn looking rather peaky and was discovered by Baxter administering to himself with medical equipment. This is all very sinister indeed.
After delivering a letter to Lord Gillingham maid Anna took a turn about London and was followed by a plain clothes policeman who obviously made the connection of the location with Green’s murder case. Could Anna now be looked at for the valet’s death?
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
It’s not looking good for Barrow (Picture: ITV1)
Molesley is finding life as first footman quite hard, but Daisy is blossoming with her lessons saying ‘maybe I’ll stay a cook all my life but now I have choices and facts at my fingertips’ and agreeing to help Mrs Patmore write a letter to the war office on behalf of her discredited nephew. Could the cook be on her way to a new future?
Most shocking revelation – the weekly gasp:
Robert was still talking over his wife’s conversation and cutting her off and completely at a lost to understand her recent interest in art history – well a certain Mr Bricker might have something to do with it? And as Robert turns more and more unreasonable the art historian is looking a lot more favourable.
Downton Abbey season 5, episode 4
He’s certainly more dashing than Robert (Picture: ITV1)
He arrived back at the house looking all marvellous and dashing and in a passionate voice told Cora: ‘I think everything about Downton is beautiful, including it’s mistress’, gushing that he would ‘burst’ if he couldn’t express his feelings.
Their little encounter was disturbed just in time by Robert but his intentions are now officially declared.
Violet Crawley speaks – the best quotes from the Countess:
As Isobel chided her: ‘You’re only saying that to sound clever.’ Violet responded ‘Yes you should try it’.
And on discussing divorce with Shrimpie: ‘I won’t take sides it’s true but I am anything but neutral’.