September 17, 2014

Outlander Wedding: Dougal MacKenzie Says Yes to the Dress?

We have been waiting for this moment on Outlander since Claire first met her handsome hero Jamie in Episode One!  Here is the trailer for the Wedding, (you can click HERE to see the second trailer preview for episode 7)  followed by a short clip I've added below of the actors talking about the wedding scene and how gorgeous Claire's wedding dress is.

FYI - This is the only photo I could find of Claire in her wedding dress so if you are easily offended about 'Breasticles' popping out of their assigned place, I'm sorry but if Jamie isn't offended (and I don,t think in this moment that he minds) we shouldn't be either.  To be honest, I'm more annoyed that this photo makes her look all wonky and lopsidded, not that the girls are popping out of her dress!   But no matter -  Jamie and Clair are man and wife now....POP away!!
Outlander Wedding Invitation

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