September 13, 2014

Outlander Episode SIX - Brace yourself...

Black Jack in episode 6Episode SIX Episode SIX

Mandi & Michelle share their take on Episode six below:
Mandi: Oh, this nasty Black Jack Randall. I've read the books, but it's been a long time since I've read the first one, so I forgot a lot of the story line. In a way, that's fun because watching the television series is new to me. And I forgot just how horrible Jack Randall is! Claire gets escorted to a British Army camp to be questioned yet again as to where she is from and how she ended up with the MacKenzie clan. Poor Claire even had to break out the tears to be more convincing this time.
We spend a lot of time in one room in this episode, which might sound boring, but it's anything but. The viewer is on edge, knowing that even though Claire is with her people, aka The British, they don't trust her. They don't trust her story or her time spent with the MacKenzies. When the troops leave her with just Randall, my stomach started churning. First, let me say, the actor who plays Randall is so convincing. His story and flashback of him whipping Jamie over and over is horrifying. I actually had to close my eyes during this scene, but I could still hear the flesh ripping. I still managed to stuff my face with popcorn, though, even with my eyes closed.
While this scene cements the fact that Randall is truly a psychopath, and your heart hurts for what Jamie endured and the stark, honest emotion on Claire's face is portrayed so well, it did not prepare me for what Randall does next. Not only his physical violence towards Claire, but the way he makes his soldier hurt her, too. I almost threw my popcorn at the screen. Almost. When Dougal comes rushing in, I wanted him to fight so badly, but at least he rescues Claire.
And now, what I've been waiting for all season: the wedding. The only way Claire can get out of reporting to the British the next day, is to become Scottish. And the only one up on the marriage mart, is Jamie Fraser. My humble, sweet, Jamie Fraser who tells Claire that since she mended his wounds so well, why wouldn't they get along in marriage?

And the big reveal, that Mr. Fraser is a virgin! I swooned so hard I choked on my popcorn. Jamie Fraser is my favorite virgin hero (I seek out virgin heroes), and I can't wait to see him in action. We deserve it after having to witness his beating! Don't fail us now, Starz!
Michelle: Oh, man, this episode landed an emotional uppercut that left me reeling. Considering the sadistic brutality by the hand of Black Jack, you'll understand my terminology. If I was handing out TV's Most Cruel Villain Award, Black Jack gets the win. Thanks to the great acting by Tobias Menzies, as Frank and Jack Randall, I profess to despising Jack Randall to the gazillion trillionth degree. Tobias makes this character odious without having to say a word. His sneering expressions and obvious delight in recalling Jamie's flogging experience set my teeth on edge. Even Black Jack knows that he's gone to the dark side. Bastard!
OK, so I'll leave him be for one second and switch my focus to Claire. Not that I'm victim blaming, but good grief, woman, stop talking. Feisty does have its time and place. Claire is picking up on the vibes, but can't help but stay true to her character and play the opinionated woman. Instead of leaving the British soldiers charmed with her presence, she reveals a bit much about her thoughts on a variety of subjects that make her sound like a Scottish sympathizer. And when she speaks up about Randall's reputation and abuse of Jamie, well, we knew that wasn't going to end on a good note. He toyed with her like a sick, menacing hunter ... see, I'm about to go on another rant about Black Jack.

Let's talk Dougal. He is such a laird-in-waiting. He and Claire may have their moments, but he stormed into that room to save her like an avenging Scottish angel. Outnumbered and he's still a bad@$$. His brother would be proud at how he faced down and threw the appropriate laws at the British to save Claire. I was about to say no one messes with the MacKenzies when he's around, but he was there for Jamie's nightmare, so there's got to be a story with that.
So I'll stop here and head to my takeaways, which are all about the great quotable moments in this episode:
1) "The question of the kilt will remain an enigma." Brigadier General Lord Oliver Thomas being the crass snot to Dougal. Well, ain't that the truth when the question still is asked with a giggle in 2014.
2) "That boy and I were creating a masterpiece." Black Jack and his dramatic rendition of his flogging of Jamie's back.
3) "I dwell in darkness and darkness is where I belong." Black Jack's summation of his soul. I'm realizing that Black Jack actually found someone who would lie with him and procreate, in order to have Frank Randall down the line. Who on earth would want this man?
4) "Doesn't it bother you that I'm not a virgin?" Claire to Jamie upon the consideration of marriage. His response, "Well ... ah ... no. So long as it doesn't bother you that I am." Now how you like them apples? Mandi, I'm right there with you on celebrating the virgin hero. Paraphrasing his closing remark, "One of us should know what they are doing." Love it. Claire, you'd better teach him good and proper!
See you next episode.
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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong my fellow Outlander series readers, but I believe the books reveal that Frank isn't the direct descendant of Black Jack but of BJ's brother -- thus Michelle's third takeaway is that actually he doesn't procreate.

    1. Right you are.

  2. June, thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing all these shows. Today I binge watched Outlander, so now I'm all caught up. I'm really looking forward to DA series 5 starting tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your gifts. Best to you...