September 06, 2014

Outlander Episode 5

Outlander Recap: Season 1, Episode 5
Claire Goes on the Road

Episode 5 Recap below or watch Episode 5 Here

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) gets her wish to escape the confines of Castle Leoch on Saturday's episode of Outlander

She sets out across the Highlands with Dougal (Graham McTavish), Jamie (Sam Heughan), and other men of Clan MacKenzie to collect payment for Colum (Gary Lewis). 

While the men wrestle, Claire recites John Donne lakeside. She's joined by Ned Gowan (Bill Paterson), a lawyer and the man in charge of collecting rent for Colum. He too is a fan of Donne and the two bond over their love of the English poet. 
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When they stop to make camp, the men share lewd tales – in Gaelic – while Claire looks on (she works out what they're talking about by the gestures). "What troubled me was that they were clearly using Gaelic to exclude me," she says, moping over her meal of charred rabbit. Jamie notices Claire looking sad and brings her some bread. But Claire still can't help feeling left out. 

While Ned and Dougal collect Colum's "rent," Claire befriends the ladies of the village they've stopped at. They share drinks and tales and, after much persuasion, the ladies convince Claire to pee in a bucket, an occurrence her guard Angus (Stephen Walters) walks in on with disgust. He takes her away, chiding her for leaving the men. Claire, needless to say, does not like being chided. 

That night, around the fire, the men speak Gaelic once again. Claire mostly ignores them, until Jamie's shirt is torn off by Dougal and the men collect extra money from the villagers, separate from the rent they collected earlier in the day. Claire infers that Dougal is using Jamie to steal money that belongs to Colum. She makes her displeasure at this arrangement known, but Dougal could care less. 
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The days turn into weeks on the road, with the same thing happening at each place they stop. The men take food from some villagers branded traitors for helping the redcoats and Claire refuses to eat, angering the men. In private, Jamie tells Claire she needs to stop fussing about matters she doesn't understand. "It doesn't matter where you come from," he says. "You're here." It's a reality Claire has yet to accept. 

It's that night that Claire realizes Dougal's not stealing money from the villagers – he's actually asking for donations to build an army against the English. He's showing off Jamie's scars, given to him by the redcoats, to incite outrage against the English. He plans to overthrow the crown and reinstate the Stuart (i.e. Catholic) king. But Claire, a woman out of time, knows the outcome of that fight and – spoiler alert – it does not end well for the Scots. 

Despite the fact that messing with history never ends well, Claire tries to warn the men to give up their fight. "You're raising money for a war you cannot win," she tells them. Dougal hears of her warnings and assumes she's sowing the seeds of doubt among his men because she's an English spy. 
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He confronts her in the woods while she's alone, but while they argue the redcoats stumble upon them. "Are you here by your own choice?" one asks Claire. It's her chance to escape the Scottish (and likely get Dougal killed).   What will she do?



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