September 12, 2014

New! Downton Abbey Extras! Video Clip, New Info & Photos

Downton Abbey 5 is only a few short weeks away and it seems like we keep getting bits of storyline, photos and even new video clips to keep us anxiously waiting!  

Here is the latest:

I have to start out with a wonderful clip of our favorite - The Dowager Countess & Lady Isobel.  They have cracked me up each season and it looks like in Season 5, they will not disappoint! 

In the preview clip of the new series, Dowager offers some of her token pearls of wisdom about what men want to Lady Isobel, whose imagination is running away with her.
Lady Isobel says to Dowager while out walking: 'I do like him, it's just he wants something from me that I cannot give.'

'He just wants what all men want,'
she replies before Isobel exclaims, 'Oh don't be ridiculous!'
Dowager pauses before saying:  

'I was referrring to companionship...'

Oh how I have missed those two!

 Go HERE for the video.

 And now onto New Photos!

1. Why is Thomas carrying Lady Edith? And is she alive?

Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

2. Has Bates got away with his bumping off of Green? And how will his relationship with Anna recover?

Brendan Coyle as John Bates & Lesley Nicol as Mrs Patmore in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

3. Will Baxter's secrets finally be exposed?

Raquel Cassidy as Baxter & Kevin Doyle as Moseley in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

4. Has the Dowager got herself a suitor?

Maggie Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

5. And another one?

Maggie Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham & Douglas Reith as Lord Merton as in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

6. A first look at Harriet Walter as Lady Shackleton and Douglas Reith as Lord Merton

Harriet Walter as Lady Shackleton & Douglas Reith as Lord Merton in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

7. Lord Merton is back with an eye for Isobel

Douglas Reith as Lord Merton in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

8. After that beach scene in the Christmas special, could a romance be on the cards for Carson?

Jim Carter as Mr Carson in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

9. How will Daisy Lewis's Sarah Bunting fit in at the Abbey?

Daisy Lewis as Sarah Bunting & Allen Leech as Tom Branson in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

10. Anna Chancellor joins the cast for series 5 and makes romantic advances on a young staff member

Ed Speelers as Jimmy & Anna Chancellor as Lady Anstruther in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

11. A bonus moody shot of Mary and Tom

Allen Leech as Tom Branson & MIchelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere

12. A bonus extra cute shot of baby Sybbie

Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith Crawley in Downton Abbey series 5 premiere
Downton Abbey returns to ITV at 9pm on Sunday, September 21.

And Finally, 

Watch the latest trailer:

The Season 5 premiere of Downton Abbey is coming soon to viewers in the United Kingdom, though fans in the United States will have to wait until January to see it. What can fans expect from the new season? There are big changes ahead, and people can’t wait to see what’s going to happen. Fans are anxious for Downton Abbey spoilers for the Season 5, Episode 1 show, and there are some tidbits available.
The cast list is available via IMDb, and it does reveal some juicy tidbits. The first episode of Season 5 of Downton Abbey will feature some Russian refugees, and Lady Anstruther pops in for a visit. She is the former employer of Jimmy Kent, and there is an interesting past between them. Based on the Downton Abbey spoiler previews, things may get quite interesting between Anstruther and Jimmy. At some point, she will tell Jimmy he’s a naughty boy, and it appears that Lord Grantham will catch the two in bed together.
Lady Mary is getting closer to opening herself up for love, and both Lord Gillingham and Charles Blake will be in this first episode. In fact, it seems Mary may go a bit unconventional and decide that it’s okay for her to get frisky with someone prior to getting married. The question is, which guy will she choose? There are hints that fans shouldn’t get too set on seeing a future with the man she does get close to as Season 5 begins, as the man she eventually marries may be someone different. Fans seem quite torn on whether they think she should be Tony or Charles.
Teacher Sarah Bunting is in the premiere as well, and it seems she gets a formal introduction to the family. Interestingly, it seems Mabel Lane Fox, Lord Gillingham’s former fiancee, is in the Season 5 Downton Abbey premiere as well. That could be awkward. Rose’s father Shrimpie is in the mix of things as well.
In terms of Season 5 as a whole, Downton Abbey spoilers indicate that Anna and Bates will still have their struggles, but they are in a better place than where they were throughout much of Season 4. Isobel Crawley may find love, and apparently there is a big storyline ahead for Violet Crawley as well. Does she find a new love as well? It seems she just might. There will be a lot of scenes between Isobel and Violet again this coming season, it seems, and fans love this pairing.
What about Edith? Poor Edith will continue to struggle, according to Radio Times. While her daughter will be nearby going forward, that doesn’t mean Lady Edith will be filled with happiness. Edith has a big secret to hide, and some are already suspicious by the end of the first episode. While Edith will get to spend some time with her daughter, it seems she will be in a constant state of stress and anxiety over the situation. Also this season there may be trouble in Cora and Robert’s marriage, as an art historian named Simon Bricker is said to drive a bit of a wedge between the Lord and Lady Grantham.
The Season 5, Episode 1 show is said to be fast-paced and will have fans hanging upon every commercial break. Apparently viewers will have plenty of reasons to gasp and cry along the way, and the premiere sets the stage for a wild season from the sound of things. There is a big fire ahead, and apparently lives will hang in the balance. The Season 5 premiere is jam-packed with action, and it seemingly will set the stage for a season filled with big developments. Downton Abbey premieres on ITV in the U.K. on Sunday, September 21, and on PBS in the U.S. on Sunday, January 4, 2015.




  1. Downton DevoteeSeptember 13, 2014

    The Photo of the darling child on Edith's lap is not little Sybbie! That is her daughter who is living with the tenant farmer.
    Season 5 looks wonderful! :-)