September 02, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - EXTRA! - 15 Interesting Tid-Bits

15 interesting tid-bits from watching the new Downton Abbey trailer:
1.Downton is changing and you can definitely feel it in the air. Lady Edith says, “The world is changing.” and Mrs Hughes says, “Downton is catching up with the times we live in.”
2. Downton Gothic. I love these two and can’t wait to see what S5 has in store for them.
3. What is going on here? The announcement of the new Labor Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald, maybe? That is said to shake things up.
4. Daisy is growing up. Finally.
5.  Yes!! Baxters “bad secret” is going to be revealed.  What could it be?!
6.  Willy Wonka Mary and her new bob hairdo below?!  Maybe it's just a wierd angle.    See the resemblence?
7. Lord Gillingham makes a scandalous suggestion?  Oh boy.....cant wait for this one to play out.
8. Things are on fire, literally. Is this Thomas saving Lady Edith?
9. Looks like Lady Cora has an admirer. Remember when Lord Grantham had an admirer in Jane the maid?
10. Whoa!  Lady Anstruther puts some major moves on Jimmy and Lord Grantham walks in. Jimmy has indeed “been a very naughty boy.”
 11. Looks like we will get to see more of the children! Yeah!
downton-abbey-season-5-children-2 downton-abbey-season5-children
12. It wouldn’t be Downton Abbey without a little drama at the dinner table.
13. Tom is KISSING Sarah Bunting the school teacher. N00000!  She really, really bugs me.  Please let this be a kiss goodbye!
14. #LordGranthamProblems. What could this be about? Tom going to America with Sybbie? Does he find out about Edith’s Marigold? Possibly George related?
15. Looks like it will be another rough season for Anna. Has Anna become the downstairs Edith, never catching a break? I hope not Fellowes.
So, are you ready for season five?  How did you like the trailer?
What do you think we are going to see this season?


  1. I can't wait for S5. Let's hope they keep it as good as always.

  2. I'm excited! Will we be able to watch it here? We watched Mr. Selfridge and The Paradise (hoping for more of that one).

  3. Thank you, thank you for posting DA5! It made my Monday workday bearable, knowing I was going to have time to watch tonight! LOVE The Paradise too, wish there was a series 3 :( You are the best! Not to be greedy, but wish you had Last Tango in Halifax, love that show! Going to watch Outlander next on your recommendation :-)