July 31, 2014

From Downton Abbey to 'Night at the Museum'

Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot?  
Yes please.

The new trailer for Night at the Museum 3 has landed and there's a lot going on. 
Stevens has returned to his Downton roots, employing a lovely think english accent to play Sir Lancelot who defends the group from a giant dinosaur skeleton entombed in cavernous museum corridors.  
Meanwhile, Rebel Wilson is the museum's bored security guard (with a dodgy cockney accent), while Kingsley appears as an Egyptian Pharaoh. 
Then there are the familiar faces... Ben Stiller returns as harried Larry Daley, flanked by Robin Williams' Teddy Roosevelt, Owen Wilson's Jedidiah and American Museum of Natural History director Dr McPhee, the hilarious Ricky Gervais.  
The action's switched to London as the gang try to save themselves from imminent destruction!   Look out for plenty of shots of Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Eye and much, much more. Have a watch below... 
Here is a bit from USA Today article about the movie:

For a change of pace, Stevens shows a very silly side as Sir Lancelot in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (Dec. 19),a part he worked hard to grab.
"Everything about it made me think, 'I'm going to have a go at this.' I have this mad character that I used to break out for friends that represented a lot of things I found very funny," he says. "I thought I'd give it a try with Lancelot."
He showed it to director Shawn Levy who signed him up. Levy says Stevens' goofy portrayal "damn near steals the movie."
Stevens says he's enjoying the new ride, even when he was saddled with riding a horse in full armor through the rain in famous Trafalgar Square. Londoners were able to see the new, surprisingly comedic Stevens firsthand.
"It was very strange to sit on the horse and watch double-decker buses go by," says Stevens. "The rest of London was going about its business while some idiot was on his horse in a full suit of armor."

Oh man....Matthew Crawley's charm, Dan Stevens humor, handsome knight in shining armor? I can hardly wait!

I'll most definitely be seeing this movie.  

Just wondering, does this mean there may be a Dan Stevens action figure?!

For, you know.....uh, the kids.  

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