June 29, 2014

Former Downton Star Dan Stevens Goes Bad

First he lost all that weight. Then he moved to America. Now the man formerly known as Downton Abbey’s Matthew Crawley is brandishing a gun.
But don’t worry, it’s all for his new movie, indie chiller ‘The Guest’, in which Dan plays a soldier who shows up at the door of a family claiming to be friends with their late son, who died in combat.  They welcome him in, but then people start dying. Is he the culprit, or is there something more mysterious going on?
Already receiving good buzz in the States, the film comes from the people behind cult horror movie ‘You’re Next’.It shows just how far Stevens has come from his days on ‘Downton’. This year will also see him starring alongside Liam Neeson in ‘A Walk Among The Tombstones’ and he is currently filming the next ‘Night At The Museum’ sequel with Ben Stiller.
Still, ‘The Guest’ threatens to be the kind of movie which really acts as his breakthrough, showing off his acting range while putting dynamite under the assumption that he is will carry on playing roles similar to Matthew Crawley.
You can decide whether he pulls it off from 5 September.

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