June 16, 2014

Downton Abbey Season 5 - First Sneak Peak

Downton Abbey Season 5 may feel like it’s eons away but turns out shooting on the next series is actually further along than we thought!

Cameras started rolling back in February (actually before the curtain had closed on the U.S. airing of Season 4). Spoilers from the set have been few and far between thanks to the eagle eyes of show creator Julian Fellowes so we’ve had a tough time figuring out where exactly we are in the season. Well, thanks to one Miss Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates) that particular mystery has been solved!
“Just about halfway. We finish filming at the end of August,” Joanne tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I haven’t seen all of the scripts yet, but nearly all.”
Well don’t stop there! Give us the details, missy!
“Some things from Season 4 carry over into Season 5. It’s not just resolved and they move forward with their lives,” she adds.
Joanne, of course, is referencing one of last season’s most controversial storylines, when a visiting valet named Green rapes Anna, a dark secret she keeps for most of the season until her husband and select other members of the household learn the truth. By the end of Season 4, said valet met a grisly end that might have come at the hands of Anna’s husbandBates (Brendan Coyle).
Speaking of that “accident,” does Joanne have any details on whether we’ll ever learn what happened that day Green met the wrong end of a bus? “Well, I couldn’t possibly comment on that! But time will tell.”
What do you think’s ahead for Season 5? Will we finally learn if Bates had anything to do with Green’s death? Share your theories and conspiracies in the comments below.
Or sooner....if you know where to watch ;) 

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