March 17, 2014

Where is your Home?

I found home last week, when I was sitting in a hospital room with my sister.  

She had just come out of the operating room where the doctors fixed her heart problems.  She was lying in the bed, my brother was sitting next to me and my other sister was on speaker phone.  A reunion of sorts with my favorite people.  There we all were - just the four of us. Laughing, hugs, talking and them more laughing. There is something quite wonderful about the bond we share. 

I have wondered over the last year or so, what it will feel like when our grandparents pass - taking with them, in a sense, the only real home we have ever known.  They took all four of us into their home and accepted the role of parent when our real parents were unable and unwilling to do so themselves.  And as sad as that sounds, it was the greatest thing our mother did for us.  She unknowingly gave us a real home and I have always felt like, when my grandparents are no longer on this earth, that sense of home will go with them.  

Family and home quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook
It has been a sad thought for me but that all changed in a dimly lit hospital room.  Right then, right there, I was home.  

A place you feel safe to be yourself, surrounded by memories, support and unconditional love.  Over flowing with the love that comes from shared experiences and  a bond that was forged from surviving dysfunction together.  The room was full of people I had completely and irrevocably given my heart to. 

 and home is where the heart is - even if that heart needs a few repairs.  

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  1. Where's the LOVE button, June?

  2. Thank you June! as usual, very well said & such a beautiful thought.

  3. AnonymousMay 09, 2014

    How I envy those with loving family and a home. I once had this, but now I am elderly, have lost 4 sisters, one brother and parents. I have been divorced since 1976, never remarried, he is deceased now, he remarried, a younger girl, and our 4 children found much in common with her. It seems like the new world, has brought many changes to families, not just mine. The Matriarch is all but forgotten, the children grow up and go off on to their own lives, with Smartphones, Tablets, Kindles, computers, i-pads,I-Pods, and the communication is gone between the generations, so I find, and share these thoughts with others my age. Yes there was a time and I pray it comes back, to the family eating dinner together and talking, without texting, and making home a warm loving place to be for all, from the oldest to the youngest great grandchild. Shut the cell phone off when the family is together, more communication, listen to each other, and learn, the love and the warmth of a home, the comfort of family and loved ones. The only new technology I have found to be a good thing for the elderly and young, is the Computer, and of course Television. Bless you.