March 09, 2014

Mr. Selfridge 2 - Episode 8

Mr Selfridge episode 8: Harry's back, but business isn't booming

The seventh installment of Mr Selfridge had a distinct lack of Mr Selfridge in it, with Harry leaving everybody baffled by his sudden departure for Germany.

Fortunately this week’s episode found itself back on an even keel as Harry returned from his secret mission, only to discover it was no longer such a secret – particularly not to the press who seemed to be awaiting his return at the store.
So had it all backfired then? Well Rose was certainly pleased to have her husband back, but the publicity over his trip and involvement in the procurement scandal certainly didn’t do him much good, with customers deserting the store as a result.
Fortunately, Delphine came to Harry’s rescue by bringing some American visitors – Keystone film studios owner Mack Sennett (Joseph Beattie) and actress Mabel Normand (Andrea Deck) – to the store for a big shopping spree.
All of which later spiralled into Harry and Gordon going to a party for the Hollywood duo, Gordon being enticed by Mabel into downing Tom Collins cocktails, and Harry becoming ever closer to Delphine – something which Rose clearly wasn’t happy about as the episode reached its end.

Mr Selfridge
Harry found himself with some explaining to do as he returned from Germany (Picture: ITV)

It’s not all fun and games
Elsewhere though the ever-present doom and gloom prevailed. There was more misery for Lady Mae, whose errant husband still hasn’t had his comeuppance, and who was forced to sell her jewellery to survive after being financially struck off by her husband. She finally decided she had had enough and told him she wanted a divorce – but we can’t see him agreeing to that one without a fight.
Meanwhile poor Agnes was left distraught by the news that George has been reported missing in action, and spent much of the episode clinging on to the fact that he might still be alive, while Mr Selfridge began the uneasy task of sending sympathies to the families of those staff members who had died on the battlefields.
But not everybody was having it quite so rough this week. There were signs, for example, that Miss Mardle might finally be giving in to her Belgian refugee’s charms after admitting she was afraid of being unlucky in love once again.
And Henri Leclair’s future began to look a little brighter after his ex-love Valerie showed up at the American Embassy, ultimately saving him from being sent back to the US – and back to his Selfridges job, although she may well have regretted her actions after he admitted they had no future together.
Still, if it’s romantic entanglements you want, then we sense you may just get some between Harry and Delphine in the coming episodes as the arrival of the film stars – and the subsequent party, followed by Mr Selfridge turning down a career in movie production – led to their friendship blossoming. This could of course all be idle speculation, and certainly Harry and Rose appeared closer than ever as they cuddled up in bed together at the end of the episode.
The worried look on her face, however, as he spoke of how glad he was that she had introduced him to the charismatic club owner, told a different story entirely.



  1. I found this Ep. 8 page manually ... not via a link. You might wanna check this out. Great episode.

  2. Rose has matured so since the S1E4 encounter with Ellen Love. Would any be averse to her shoving the "Spirit of Delphine's'" into that Campbell Home Style Soup Ad of a portrait tarnishing Harry's wall? Lady May might tie a Thackeray bow about Loxley's neck as Victor serves a farewell soup to nuts. [. . . and the InfoLinks are fun, too . . . ] Oh, what joy :-D !!!

  3. Hi! Love your site! I am unable to watch this episode or episode 4, can this be fixed? I am getting a message that says the file does not exist.