March 24, 2014

Mr. Selfridge 2 - Episode 10

Mr Selfridge series 2 episode 10: FINALE!

cleared names, happy reunions and hankies all round!

Mr Selfridge episode 10: happy reunions and hankies all round
It was all happy families in Mr Selfridge’s final episode – for now, at least (Picture: ITV)

This article contains spoilers for those who have yet to watch the final episode of Mr Selfridge.
After weeks of war trauma, marital strife and dodgy dealings, counterbalanced with generous doses of retail therapy, the second series of Mr Selfridge has finally come to an end.
And with a third series, in which producers promise Harry’s life will ‘unravel’, already on the cards, it was almost inevitable that this final instalment would ramp up the drama in preparation for future events.
Chief among these was the ongoing ‘chest congestion’ which left Rose looking a bit pale in episode nine, which once again reared its head this week – and to the surprise of absolutely no-one turned out to be more than just a bit of a cold.
Yes, it became apparent that Mrs Selfridge was not long for this world, something which threatened to thoroughly ruin the family’s Thanksgiving celebrations until she insisted both she and Harry put on a brave face and tuck in to the turkey as planned.
Luckily – and if you weren’t already dabbing your eyes with the nearest available Kleenex at this point – she made it to the end of the episode alive, but with series three reportedly bringing the action forward to 1919, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve seen the last of Rose (which of course also means bidding farewell to Frances O’Connor from the cast).

Mr Selfridge
Somehow we don’t think Frances O’Connor will be coming back (Picture: ITV)

Reasons to be thankful
But while the spectre of death may have cast a pall over the Selfridge home, there was much to celebrate in the episode too, as Lady Mae finally took a spectacular revenge on Lord Loxley which saw him get his comeuppance for his dodgy war dealings – and Harry ultimately vindicated.
There was also good news for Henri Leclair as he found himself a free man and promptly declared his intention to join the French army – but not before declaring his love for a newly single Agnes, set free from her engagement to Victor.
And there was also romance in the air for Miss Mardle, who attempted to cut Florian out of her life in spite of her obvious feelings for him – only to receive help from an unexpected source and a happy ending – or at least a happy end to the series – for the pair.
Ultimately though it’ll be the Selfridges who will be most on viewers’ minds as we rumble on towards series three – and while the episode may have ended on a happy note as the family gathered for a lively Thanksgiving dinner, there was a bittersweet air as Rose came in to shot for what must surely have been the final time.
Still, at least for that moment the mood was upbeat – but we’re going to have to wait a while to find out what the future holds for the Selfridges mob. Same time next year then everybody?



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  3. The real Rose Selfridge died in 1918 of pneumonia, so it's not surprising that they are gearing up that story line. However she was 57 at the time, and Frances O'Conner looks nowhere near 57! Thanks for posting all of these great British TV shows. You're my one stop shop now!

  4. Thank for you all the uploads... What am I going to do now? Every show had a season finale now :(
    PBS started to show latest seasons of Midwife and Selfridge, I'll just get my fix then, lol

  5. June, thank you for publishing all the Series of my favorite shows. I love that I didn't have to wait and was able to watch Downton Abbey with all my UK friends, and again with Mr. Selfridge. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

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    Do you know why the link for this episode doesn't work? Any chance of getting it up? I'm hooked now. ;)

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    Season 2 Episode ten is linking me to an older episode, any idea why? I'm desperate to know how the season ends! thank you June :)

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    I think the episode 10 of series 2 is actually the finale from series 1. Is it possible the wrong one got uploaded?

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  10. Thanks so much for posting all of these! Unfortunately, the link for this episode is the Season 1 finale rather than the Season 2 finale. Can that be fixed? Thanks.