March 04, 2014

Miranda 1 -Episode 5

After attending a wedding, Penny decides to hold a Pride and Prejudice-themed party to set Miranda up with Edmund Dettori. She fails to excuse herself, but the party's cancelled when Tilly sets her up with an army doctor friend, "Dreamboat" Charlie (Adrian Scarborough). The date goes badly, and the party's back on. To avoid being set up by her mother, Miranda decides to tell her she is a lesbian and the party is changed to a Tipping the Velvet-themed coming out party. At the party, Miranda sees Edmund (Alex Hassell) and then announces she is straight, but after an introduction she can't stand his high-pitched voice.
Known as "Let It Out" on the DVD. 



  1. June - What have I done wrong that I can't resize your videos anymore? I used to be able to full screen them, now I only get a gear wheel with quality 380p and auto. Thanks!

    1. hmmmm, not sure. I am able to size mine. Maybe restart your computer?