February 08, 2014

Quotes I Loved the Week

#quotesI do NOT owe anyone any explanation for my boundaries.  I'm caring, understanding, loving, and I'll listen and help when I can.  The need to prove anything beyond that because it's put in constant illogical doubt is toxic.  Enough.
Love my sister
a clear conscience.QuotingTruth.Let it go!!!!!Please! You are fearfully and wonderfully made- there could never be a more beautiful you!


  1. Hey June! I don't know if you are aware of this, but my computer keeps saying that your website is a website that distributes malware and other viruses. I am sure that if this were the case that it is not your intention. You might want to check this out. Thanks for all the shows that we Americans get to watch now!

  2. I always love the quotes that you post!! We just had our Stake Women's Conference and thought you might enjoy the video that was shown. It features 4 women that share their stories and their testimonies and would humbly ask that you help share the video so that the message can reach so much farther. Thank you for being an inspiration!