February 02, 2014

Mr. Selfridge 2 Episode 3

Mr Selfridge Series 2 Episode 3  --  Review   

by Mila at

Agnes roams the store in desperation, setting up displays for Empire Week, but doesn't seem to be getting very far. She sets up a safari display in Fashion, complete with stuffed tiger but next day when she shows Harry (Jeremy Piven) around, the display has gone. She wanted to set up the Raj display there. Apparently Thackeray (Cal MacAninch) has moved it even when she told him about it, claiming he didn't know. Can't wait for him to be put in his place very soon. Harry arrives home to find Rose (Frances O'Connor) is out but Henri (Gregory Fitoussi) is there. He came to apologize to Rose for being so rude to her but Harry tries to get him back to the store. He apologizes for his behaviour, he could have handled his leaving much better and Henri would like to see him beg, he jokes. Well he got an apology from him. He won't come back to the store but Harry tells him how Agnes is struggling as creative director, he sent her to train under Lafayette and Henri returns, but only to help her. Harry admitting he needs Henri, perhaps more than Henri needs him.

Everyone's surprised to see Henri back, not least of which is Agnes and she sets about looking for him. Agnes tries to set up the safari display in the Plam Court, on Harry's suggestion, but Victor (Trystan Gravelle) doesn't want the guns there and the tiger would also scare his customers. Franco (Sean Teale) tells him he was abrupt with Agnes and should apologize, he's taking his anger out on her. There is outrage against the Italians as war looms even closer. Even Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) has a go at him about not caring about the Exhibition cos he's Italian and it's daubed over the restaurant door when he returns home too. His uncle Gio (Vincenzo Nicoli) fears for the restaurant and Victor tells him he and Franco were born here and they've lived here for 30 years. Gabriella (Crystal Leaity) also worries and needs reassurance from him. They kiss and he promises he won't desert her. He won't really have a choice even if he doesn't enlist, he will be called up most likely. Think he made a mistake there since he still has feelings for Agnes.

Agnes finds Henri and they have tea together. She asks him about America but things didn't work out, though he did enjoy working at the advertizing firm, or did he? He helps her come up with ideasfor the display and where certain things should be set up. Ms Mardle (Amanda Abbington) has also returned from Geneva and Harry offers her his sympathy for her brother. She needs a display idea too which Agnes hasn't come up with since Accessories are important and as Henri says are the hub of the store. Kitty gets a display of oriental fans and parasols which keeps her happy. Also Frank (Samuel West) asks her out on the Bank Holiday. He likes to hang around with Harry since he's good copy and he tells her he started out with a broom in hand at his first newspaper job.

Lady Mae's (Katherine Kelly) maid asks Loxley (Aidan McArdle) about the war but he doesn't reply to her instead he prefers to torment her since it's more fun. Lady Mse leaves and goes straight for the bank where she deposits some jewellery in her box out of Loxley's reach and sweet talks Jeremy (Jack Fox) into telling her about Loxley's finances. He's bankrupt and thus needs all the help he can muster, especially from Harry. Whom he cons into giving him a list of leather suppliers for the war committee, in exchange for Winston Churchill opening the Exhibition. The tagline of which is "The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire." Had a feeling Churchill wasn't coming at all (as we know from real events) and Loxley knew this but found a way to get the list from Harry, if only he had waited until later to hand it over. Oh come on, let's put him in his place too. Lady Mae tells Harry to trust Loxley since she's going to use that to her advantage too as she asks Harry for a locksmith. She has the lock fitted to her bedroom door and threatens to declare to everyone that Loxley is bankrupt if he ever touches her again! Though she should have been more honest with Harry even if it's understandable why she wasn't.

Gordon (Greg Austin) collects postcards of scantily clad women and keeps them in his pocket which fall out with Rose around. He wants her to make an effort with Harry if she still loves him but it's not so easy for her since he's hurt her in the past. This does get her thinking cos Harry wants her to leave for America if war is declared and she doesn't want to if he thinks she's such a coward. She wants to stand by him cos his store will need him as will his staff and he only wants her to stay if it's not out of duty. He promises to make an effort to be more of a husband to her. We'll have to wait and see. Think Delphine (Polly Walker) may get in the way there. Especially since she tells him she doesn't want Rose's money and Harry wants them to start over as friends.

Crabb (Ron Cook) orders some manuals from America for Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) as this will help him be more efficient in his work. Harry threatens to fire him if he doesn't pick up his game. Ms Mardle asks him for advice as she's inherited a big, old house and contents from her brother and also an income. Grove referring to her as an independent woman now. Wonder if he regrets leaving her now, seeing as she doesn't have to work anymore. He did look peeved and suggests she rent out the rooms and should live there too. Maybe she'll rent to Henri, ha.

Agnes finishes the displays with Henri's help, setting up a statue of Britannia at the Accessories department since it's the hub as said and it should be the heart of Britain. Harry's impressed with all this. Thackeray isn't too pleased either since she's pulled it off, even with some help. He refers to Henri as "shabby" as Victor tells him who he is. Looks like he's got his job back here. But Henri tells him it was only to help Agnes. Harry couldn't handle his problems, which must be big if he doesn't want to get him involved or tell anyone about them. Victor sees the two of them hug. Agnes buys him a gift, a new shirt and he can't accept it but she reminds him how he brought her presents and now it's her turn.

As said, Churchill doesn't show up and they get news of Germany declaring war on France and invading Belgium. Loxley looked really smug, killing two birds with one stone. Not only did he get the list but will now use it to further make a name for himself on the Procurement Committee. Lady Mae having told Harry not to approach the Committee in person since they're all about the establishment and sticking together. Later they get news of Britain being at war and seem to be jubilant about it, not realizing just what this means for everyone involved. Particulary those who will have to fight. As Grove tells Harry using his new system, he's worked out 80% of the male staff are eligible to go to war. Leaving problems for Harry about who will do their jobs. Obviously the women.

The look on Loxley's face of smugness, oh Lady Mae should have slapped him there and then, but for obvious reasons couldn't. Well wish someone would have done it, as he thinks he's pulled off quite a coup and got one over on Harry too. Wonder how long Lady Mae will keep Loxley at bay. Oh we get a scene in the lift, or rather Harry and Agnes coming out of it. An ep isn't complete without Harry exiting from the lift!

At least will stand by him and lots of character development too in the ep as Crabb and Grove's friendship continues to grow, Grove being stunned Crabb would send away for the manuals just for him. Kitty and Frank's romance slowly simmering and we're still intrigued as to what Delphine has got planned up her puffy sleeves! As we get to see how Selfridge's copes with the war years.



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