February 20, 2014

How To Be Sherlock Holmes - BBC series

How to be Sherlock Holmes: The Many Faces of a Master Detective

Web exclusive: Benedict Cumberpatch on the look of SherlockFor over 100 years, more than 80 actors have put a varying face to the world's greatest consulting detective - Sherlock Holmes. And many of them incorporated details - such as the curved pipe and the immortal line 'Elementary, my dear Watson' - that never featured in Conan Doyle's original stories. In charting the evolution of Sherlock on screen, from early silent movies to the latest film and television versions, Timeshift shows how our notion of Holmes today is as much a creation of these various screen portrayals as of the stories themselves.


Narrator - Peter Wyngarde
Participant - Benedict Cumberbatch
Participant - Christopher Lee
Participant - Tim Pigott-Smith
Participant - Mark Gatiss
Producer - Matthew Thomas
Director - Matthew Thomas
Series Producer - William Naylor
Executive Producer - Michael Poole

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