February 05, 2014

Do NOT watch Downton Abbey if....

If more than one of the items on this list apply to you, Downton may not be the show for you.

Do NOT watch Downton Abbey if....

1.  The most compelling TV show you can handle is the show where the guy with afro paints pictures of different landscapes each week.  

2. You have no sense of humor.  None.  Zero. Nada.  

3.  You think romance is way overrated. 

4.  You would rather put antiques on Ebay than live in a house full of them.

5.  You have a problem with women who are not afraid to speak their mind.

6.  You break out in hives whenever you hear a British accent.

7.  You are still stuck in that 90's grunge stage so you cant stand well dressed and tidy looking folks.

8. You believe the sinking of the Titanic was a conspiracy and it's still floating around somewhere - most likely in the Bermuda Triangle.

9.  You only watch movies and television shows that have at least one explosion and two car chases involving the Police.

10.  At the end of the day, after all the kids are in bed, you would rather unwind by doing some ironing and cleaning out the fridge that watch TV.

11.  You dont know who Maggie Smith is.

12.  Your idea of a romantic Valentine's Day is your guy stopping by 7-11 to grab a Big Gulp to share with you later as you both chow down on a meal of Slim Jims and watch re-runs of Jersey Shore.

13.  You know who Maggie Smith is, thought she was awesome in Harry Potter but also believe Harry Potter was based on a true story.

14.  You hated Gosford Park.

15.   You've heard people talking about a show with  Lady Mary & Lady Edith, and think it must have something to do with genealogy and tracking down Lady GaGa's ancestors. 

16.   The whole time you've been reading this list, you thought I was saying DownTOWN.  

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