January 27, 2014

Call the Midwife 3 - Episode 2


Call the Midwife: Jessica Raine as Acting Sister Jennifer Lee
This week was just as emotional as the first, with the major story here being that of Doris, a woman forced to give away her child Carol. Even though she wanted to keep her, she recognized that there was a better life out there for her with an adopted parent. Just in case this was not bad enough, we also learned that Doris was not even able to send along a letter with Carol for her to understand why she had to give her up in the first place. The adoption for the baby was one where the parents requested no contact at all, and this letter instead had to just float around in the ether.
Eventually, Doris had to learn to let go in this episode, and not blame or hate herself for what transpired. Given the violent and volatile situation that existed in her home, she made the right decision … but a hard one.
All in all, this was a strong episode at least in that it showed just what sort of struggle women in the 1950s go through when it comes to welcoming a child under unusual circumstances. Doris was not going to ever be a part of her daughter Carol’s life, and it was all thanks to her fear as to what the man in her life would do, knowing that this child in particular was not his.


January 19, 2014