December 25, 2014

Call The Midwife 3 - Christmas Special - Episode 9

Call the Midwife Christmas special - what did you think?

Watch HERE or on google drive:

part 1

Part 2

Call the Midwife is well and truly back. Nine months after they were last on our telly screens the midwives of Nonnatus returned to claim their place as a Christmas classic.
We met an elderly Jenny Lee (played by Vanessa Redgrave), had religious realisations, fought against prejudice and cared for the vulnerable. Plus enjoyed plenty of suitably-festive scenes: snowflake dances, actualsnowflakes, mince pies, giant Christmas trees and flaming puddings.

Chummy and Patsy headed off to look after the inhabitants of a poorly-run mother and baby home while PC Noakes sat his Sergeants exams, again. Meanwhile Cynthia pondered joining the religious order, while caring for a couple who had been released from a Victorian mental hospital.

If you ask me, being snuggled up with Chummy and co for company was a heartwarming way to spend an hour and a quarter this Christmas. I challenge anyone not to feel even a tiny bit teary in the final few minutes. 
But what did you think? Did Call the Midwife's generosity and gentleness have you blubbing and reaching for your handkerchief? Or was the series' sweet and sentimental message a bit much for you post-Christmas lunch? 

Are the midwives of Nonnatus Christmas institutions? Or could you do without the red cardigan-ed residents of Poplar?

December 09, 2014

Favorite Quotes

It's already been a busy week, but a good one. Whenever I speak to women's groups, especially survivors of violence and abuse, I am reminded of and share a few of my favorite quotes.  I love quotes that inspire, uplift and motivate.  

#Prescription #Drug #hawaiirehab
I think everyone should remember that we ALL have a past.   It's up to us whether or not we want to let our past be our present, or simply learn from what once was.   Good or bad, it's up to us to grow up, move on and live life the way we want it to be. We don't get to come back, and this earthly life is short.   Make it worth all the effort.
i might love this so muchOther people will judge u, give opinions on your life or even try to harm u...don't let that keep u from leaving peacefully:) I've been thru it all & tho maybe in the past I let it steal my joy today it rubs off like butter:)use past heartaches to comfort others who may be now experiencing the same
Quotes and Sayings About Overcoming | Bad Childhood, Great Life – Overcoming your past and shaping your ...
September is National Recovery Month. I made these graphics and collages in honor of all those who know or love someone who's beaten their addictions, are fighting their addictions, and those who lost their battles to demons they couldn't overcome. The stigmas attached to addictions of any kind need to be a thing of the past. It's a disease and it can be fatal. Treating addicts as lesser than human does nothing to help anyone, and only makes the fight that much harder for those struggling to overcome their problems. It's a shame that it isn't till fairly recently that the medical community realized addiction itself usually isn't the main problem, but actually a symptom of a much deeper emotional problem (ie: PTSD, self medicating due to sexual abuse or rape, underlying mental issues such as schizophrenia or severe depression, etc.). Treatment needs to be individualized and the underlying issues must be faced and dealt with in order to truly heal. All addicts are not the same, there is no one size fits all "cure", and some of the most brilliant and compassionate people in the world are addicts. Ostracizing and demonizing those suffering with this disease helps no-one. Alcohol kills more people than all other drugs combined but it's legal and not stigmatized in the same way as those addicted to illegal substances. Addiction doesn't discriminate, and affects every class, race, and age group. It can happen to anyone. And no one grows up wanting to be a junkie, alcoholic or slave to any substance. So try and keep this in mind the next time you judge someone and instead empathize with them, their struggle is immense and lifelong. A little compassion can go a long way.Looking for #Quotes, Life #Quote, Love Quotes, Quotes about moving on, and Best Life Quotes here. Visit "Life Quotes Ru in Tumblr"!
my dentist once told me...So true wish some people saw life and certain things this way.
Realising the benefits and what you have learned about yourself is part of the healing
The real character of a person is revealed not in how they begin a relationship, but how they end one.
Boy is this one true. It happened to each of my siblings and many others - all the same way. Finally, enough was enough and we all moved on. Sad, but oh, so necessary.
Hurt people, hurt people. That's how pain patterns get passed on, generation after generation after generation. Break the chain today. Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion and cruelty with kindness. Greet grimaces with smiles. Forgive and forget about finding fault. Love is the weapon of the future. ~Yehuda Berg   :)
Life. Be the woman you want your children to grow up to be. Be the person other people say good things about
There is no such thing as closure.  Accept it for what it is and then square your shoulders and lift that chin girl -  its time to move on and live the life YOU deserve!  :-*  ♥

every woman HAS to know this.  You cannot control what others think of you or how they feel about you -- but you are in complete control of what and how you think of yourself.   Someone who completely loves and accepts themselves, does not need anyone else to affirm that.
You cannot control what others think of you or how they feel about you -- but you are in complete control of what and how you think of yourself. Someone who completely loves and accepts themselves, does not need anyone else to affirm that.

November 26, 2014

Downton Abbey Christmas Episode: Sneak Peek!


Downton Abbey Christmas special: details revealed

NOVEMBER 25, 2014
Details of the Downton Abbey Christmas special have been released and the full cast are set to return for a two-hour feature. The festive episode takes place in the early autumn of 1924, when grouse shooting season is in full swing.

Lady Rose's father-in-law Lord Sinderby has rented out Brancaster Castle in Northumberland and invited the Crawley family to a shooting party.

While good sport is enjoyed, Stowell, the Sinderbys' butler, has an axe to grind and threatens to undermine the merry holiday with a scandalous secret. Surprises are in store as the families become better acquainted with each other and some new faces arrive on the scene.

The Downton Christmas special will see the cast enjoy a shooting party in Northumberland

New characters set to make their debut include the much talked about Princess Irina, wife of Prince Kuragin, who is played by BAFTA Award nominee Jane Lapotaire. Also joining the cast is Alun Armstrong from New Tricks, Braveheart and Sleepy Hollow, who will take on the role of butler Stowell.

Meanwhile back at Downton, uncertainty surrounds Anna as she faces a future behind bars, while Bates takes drastic measures in a bid to clear her name. Baxter and Molesley are busy on a joint plan and Carson and Mrs Hughes consider a business venture.

Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, and young George decorate a Christmas tree 

The episode will air on Christmas Day on ITV, and feature returning stars Maggie SmithHugh BonnevilleMichelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael and Lily James among others.

James Faulkner and Penny Downie as Lord and Lady Sinderby will also return, alongside their son and Lady Rose's husband Matt Barber as Atticus Aldridge. Rade Sherbedgia will reprise his role as Prince Kuragin and Michael Fox will play footman Andy.

George Clooney is set to make a special appearance on Downton Abbey before Christmas

As previously reported, George Clooney will also be making a special appearance on the hit British period drama before Christmas. The Hollywood actor will play an American wedding guest in a special show written to raise money for charity fundraiser Text Santa.

An ITV spokesperson confirmed that George would appear in a sketch, but would not act in a full Christmas episode.

The 53-year-old heart-throb is reportedly a big fan of Downton Abbey, and is good friends with Hugh, who plays Lord Robert Crawley. The pair became close while working together onMonuments Men.

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October 22, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - first look at - Episode SIX

Here's a great preview of Episode SIX from
October 2014

Downton Abbey series five episode six preview and predictions: hair cuts, horses and family gold

Downton Abbey series five episode six preview and predictions: hair cuts, horses and family gold
Monday 20 October 2014 at 02:35PM
Sunday's episode of Downton Abbey saw fights, fall outs and potential new romances blossom.
Aunt Rosamund, up for a visit from London, guessed the truth about Marigold and asked if she could see her. But Edith's trip to the farm with her aunt in tow proved too much for Margie, and Tim Drewe declared that Edith's visits must stop. FOREVER.
Rosamund then decided to get Violet involved, who, unshaken by the news, put a plan in action to send the illegitimate child to a boarding school on the continent. 
Lady Rose met a nice young chap called Atticus Aldridge while she was visiting the Russians in York while Sarah Bunting decided it was time for her to leave the village. Her newest student Daisy didn't take the news well, crossing the upstairs/downstairs boundary to tell Branson that he should stand up for his friend. But Branson let her go, telling the opinionated schoolteacher that he was glad he'd met her, and that was all.
Robert finally worked out why Simon Bricker was so keen to spend time with his wife when he arrived home early from a dinner to find them both in his bedroom late at night. A tussle ensued with both men wrestling around on the carpet - and Bricker caught the first train back to London with his coat tails between his legs. 
In other news, Violet tried to show how unsuitable Isobel and Lord Merton are for each other, but ended up proving the opposite, Blake formulated a plan to get Gillingham back with his former fiancé Miss Lane Fox and Mrs Patmore inherited a couple of hundred quid from an aunt and decided to invest it in property. 
But what's going to happen next week? Spurious suggestions, anyone? 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6, Dowager Countess, Russian prince
Gosh. We thought we'd left all this racy behaviour behind - yet here the Dowager Countess is drinking (probably vodka) with her Russian Prince. In his bedroom, no less.
Sure, the bed covers haven't been touched - and we can't really imagine Violet giving in to her deep, dark desires - but there's clearly something between the elderly pair. They are practically playing footsie. 
Last week Cora had a strange man in her bedroom, the week before Mary was on her sexy "sketching trip". What has happened to this family's morals?
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6, Lady Mary, haircut
All this modern behaviour has gone to Lady Mary's head. Literally.
She's barely hidden her well-thumbed copy of Marie Stopes - and she certainly hasn't dealt with Gillingham's wrath post-tustle - but she's already on to something new. 
Introducing Mary's new stylist. The Gok Wan of 1924, if you will - a celebrity hair technician here to transform Mary's formal Victorian locks into a striking, sexy flapper-style do. We like. 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6, Gillingham
Gillingham wasn't this crinkly-eyed when we last saw him, spitting at Lady Mary about how awful she was for having done the dirty with him before saying 'I do.' Now, though, he's all smiles for his former fiancé Miss Lane Fox. 
Could Mary and Blake really have orchestrated renewed passion between him and his old flame? Nothing inspires romance like a spot of bloodthirsty fox-hunting, after all... 
Lady Mary, horses, Dowton Abbey, series 5, episode 5
She might have a fancy new look, but Mary's not looking too happy up there on her high horse. Could it be that she's changed her mind again and is regretting pushing Tony back together with his ex?
For all her modern new ways, the eldest Crawley sister seems stuck in her belief that when it comes to picking another husband, her only choices are Gillingham and Charles Blake. Someone introduce her to Tinder. There are more than two single men in Britain. This silliness has got to stop. 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6
Robert doesn't seem to have gotten over finding a dressing gown-clad Bricker in his bedroom last week. And we're not sure we blame him. It was an awful shock, though the blow must be softened somewhat by the confirmation that Bricker wasn't after his wife's brains after all...
Really, Lord G is dealing with it the only way he knows how: by turing up his nose and gazing disdainfully at his woman. Careful, though, Robert. You don't want to go the same way as poor ol' Shrimpie. Divorce could be catching, you know... 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6
What's this strange expression Edith is pulling? There are no tears spilling over her lashes. The corners of her mouth are turned up ever so slightly. Is she... smiling?
It seems as though, tired of being at the Drewes' mercy or bossed around by Rosamund and Violet, Edith has come up with her own plan. While everyone is messing around on horses, Lady Edith is going to steal Marigold, stuff a few handfuls of the family gold up her coat and run off to start a new life, "charming bastard" in tow. 
Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 6
Looks like the police are still sniffing around Downton Abbey. Four visits from the force in the same number of episodes - that's the stuff ruined repuations are made off. And doesn't Carson know it. 
Eyes forward. If we ignore him for long enough, boys, he'll just go away...


September 30, 2014

Downton Abbey 5 - Clues from Episode 2 on what is to come!

Well, at least Carson was right in the Season 5 previews when he said that times, they are a changing.  Yes indeed! I hardly recognize my old friend...
To say that last week's Downton was a bit of a  departure from the prim and proper Abbey we've grown used to, well, that's an understatement.   
No more gasps in horror from Lady Mary at the thought of Mr. Pamuk in her bedroom.....Nope.   In episode two of the new season we got condoms, pre-martial sex  and Cora making eyes at an art dealer over dinner while her unaware or oblivious husband looked on.  Not even the Dowager commented on the googly eyes being thrown Cora's way.   The Dowager notices everything!  But no snide, judgmental or sarcastic comment at all?  Seriously, what is up with that?  
But that is far from all going on at Downton in episode two!   Mr. Drewe comes up with the idea for Edith to become little Marigold's 'benefactor' - a sort of fairy-godmotherish role so she could then spend time with her secret daughter without raising suspicion.  Uh...okay.   Mrs Drewe looked less than impressed by this idea but the Crawleys?  Sure!  Why not?!  
Now to Lady Rose.  What a HUGE change from season four!  So, how old is she again?   Last season she was all about going out and partying but this is a new season and no one is their normal self.   Especially the scandalous Rose.  Ready for this? Brace yourself.  Okay, Lady Rose is.....
...desperate for Lord Grantham to buy a radio.  Seriously.  That's it. 
Last year she was dressing as a maid to kiss a stranger at a dance.  This year?  She wants to hear the King's Speech.  Wow.  Parents of teenage daughters, we MUST find out what the Crawleys did over the summer break to upgrade the parenting skills and bring such an astounding change to a 'willful' young lady.  Brilliant.
Mary, ready to leave on  a week of living in sin with Gillingham, has Anna pack all her dresses (with easy fastenings) and then sends her to buy contraception.  Yeah. Clearly Anna does not get paid enough.
Meanwhile, Isobel and Violet go on a trip to flirt with men.  Yes, that happened. And it was pretty entertaining!  But wait!  There is more!   Right before this episode ends, a policeman visits Downton to announce that there is now an investigation into the death of Mr. Green because a witness had come forward. Dun, dun, duuuuun.  (insert strange look on Mrs. Hughes face)
So the episode ends with Mr.Bates freedom under question once again, Lady Mary poised to unfasten her undergarments and make love all night, or for "as long as either of us has any stamina left"  (super classy)  and oh yes, I forgot... Lord Grantham thinks Cora's new admirer is flirting with Isis the dog.  
I barely know what to imagine for episode three but they have released a few photos so maybe I'll give by best guess....
Lady Mary, Downton Abbey, Lord Gillingham, sex, Liverpool
Photo #1  Lady Mary grinning.  I think she is leaving her hotel in Liverpool after a 'visit' with her new lover Gillingham and thinking to herself, "Oh Mr. Pamuk, if I were going to potentially tarnish my reputation, which was important to me last month, I wish it was you I slept with  instead."   And then she imagined it.  Thus, the grin.
Spratt, Lady Mary, Liverpool, Downton Abbey, series 5, episode 3
Photo #2   It's Spratt - Violet's  butler is in Liverpool. Either he's here to give in to his lustful desires like Gillingham or he has just spotted Lady Mary.  I am hoping he goes straight to the Dowager with this news, just so I can see that conversation take place.  Since this is Spratt we are talking about, I think it is safe to say that when the Dowager finds out it will most likely be at an awkward luncheon that she finds out her granddaughter is earning skymiles at the hotels around Liverpool.  At least, thanks to Anna's painfully awkward trip to the pharmacist there won't be any secret love children this time. 
Lady Cora, Simon Bricker, Richard E Grant, Downton Abbey, series 5
Photo #3  Cora and the Art Dealer.  A stroll with a single man? Cora should know better than to wander narrow streets in the twilight looking all coy with a charming gentleman by her side. I suppose she must be in Liverpool, too.  When in Rome...
Hmmm.  Maybe it's Cora that Mr. Spratt sees instead of Mary! Interesting...
Downton Abbey, series 5,
Photo #4  But not as interesting as THESE dudes!   What have we here??  They look Russian to me.  Russian mob comes to Downton?  Sure!  Why not?  If all the women are running about having affairs, secret children and pre-marital sex, why can't a few chaps put on furry outfits, grow impressive facial hair and take up smoking? Seems legit.  
Downton Abbey, series 5
Photo #5   Is the dude with his back to us (in the grey suit) is he wearing a surgical mask?  Hey, it could happen.  Russians have turned up at the Abbey seeking refuge from....uh.....something evil.  Possibly the new 'wireless' radio that is...dun dunn dunnn.....NOT wireless!  gasp!  Didn't see that one coming did ya?!
Downton Abbey, series 5, Bates, prison
Photo #6  Mr. Bates with the look he has perfected over the years.  Victim of the unjust, unfair and unkind.  Doer of good....OR IS HE???    Even if his presence in London on the day Green died is a complete coincidence, as a former inmate he'll be first in line for questioning.   Which means......ready for a plot twist???
That is why the Russian mob is at Downton!  Did Bates hire the mob to take out Mr. Green?  Is he going to grow out one of those beards?  Does he own any of those sets of dolls that stack one inside of the other?  Did he indeed own a set of dolls but Thomas stole them and is trying to frame Mrs. Patmore so he can work for the Russians by laundering money in the pudding each night?   Oh, Julian Fellowes, what does it all mean??  
The worst part of all?  The one thing that has stayed the same is the intense dislike I have for Miss Bunting.  I still find her extremely rude and annoying and totally wrong for Branson totally stayed the same.  
Maybe the Russains can take her back with them....

September 18, 2014

Downton Abbey: The Dowager gets Kissed and Collapses

George Clooney charmed Dame Maggie Smith with a kiss during filming for Downton

When Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney graced the set of Downton Abbey he delighted the show's matriarch Dame Maggie Smith a kiss.


According to Tom Cullen, who plays Lord Gillingham in the ITV period drama, 79-year-old Dame Maggie "collapsed onto the sofa" after accepting George's affectionate offer.

Tom Cullen told Lorraine Kelly about George's visit to the Downton set

Speaking to presenter Lorraine Kelly, Tom described George's time on the Downton set.

"I know he gave Maggie a kiss and she collapsed onto the sofa..."
 he said. "He’s a very handsome man, isn’t he?"

While the 29-year-old actor was not on location at Highclere Castle on the same day as George, he revealed that the Ocean's Eleven star shares screen time with Michelle Dockery and Hugh Bonneville.

It is 50-year-old Hugh who is credited with asking George to appear in the charity sketch, which will air at Christmas, after they worked on The Monuments Men together.

George Clooney swept Dame Maggie Smith off her feet with a kiss

"All the plans have been shrouded in secrecy because George was determined for his role not to leak out," a source told the Sun of George's high-profile guest appearance. "All the other cast members and crew were sworn to secrecy. 

"It's amazing it's taken four months for someone to find out," they added. "This is the biggest moment in Downton history and shows it's now the biggest drama in the world."

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