December 18, 2013

T'was the EXTRA Gift for my Husband....

Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house,
I was searching for an extra special  gift for my spouse.
There were already had gifts we had bought for each other
So I was going to have to be thrifty,  if I added another.

I got on Pinterest, thinking  I could just whip something up
But toilet paper rolls, glue sticks, plastic spoons and felt?  I didn’t have enough.

No wall hanging for the hubby, it wasn’t meant to be
I went to the kitchen – It was time for plan B.

I’d cook something dreamy, something fantastic!
His favorite meal!  So, I was going to practice.

I preheated the oven and rolled up my sleeves.
The gift  for my man? – a Chef I would be!

But all of a sudden there arose such a ---- smell.
Something was burning. It was plastic – I could tell.

Smoke poured from the oven and then I recalled
Last night when my in-laws knocked on our door - and I stalled.

I had done a quick tidy of the kitchen and stuffed dishes out of sight.
OH!  The mess in my oven, it just wasn’t right.
Pulling melted Rubbermaid from the oven it was time to get real
I would have to spend some money, but find a real good deal.

After an hour of scrubbing and two loads of whites
I sat with my laptop – my visa to my right.

 On  Amazon, on Wal-Mart, on Target, online.
Clicking away and saving tons of time.

And then fate stepped in and I knew I this was it
I saw just what I wanted, what I NEEDED to get.

At  half off the clearance price, it was impossible to resist
A  new  KitchenAide was just added to my list.

So I cleaned out the oven and  shopped for the dinner
I mixed and I baked and I served quite a winner.

We tucked the kids in and kissed them goodnight
And then I snuck away to prepare quite a sight

This wife wasn’t done cook’n for her hubby tonight. (wink wink)

Strategically placed bows placed over a gown of satin
I tried a sexy dance, but couldn’t do it without laugh’n

So there by the twinkling lights on the tree,
under the mistletoe my REAL gift kissed me.

What a blessed wonderful life I am living.

Being married to your best friend – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

1 comment:

  1. So sweet. I'm grateful for my REAL gift, too, though I wouldn't mind one of those Kitchenaid mixers!