December 08, 2013

The Paradise - Season 3

The Paradise (UK) tv show photoThe Paradise Season 3: what's going to happen next?

What could be in store if BBC1's shopping period drama returns for a third season? Will Denise and Moray stay happy? What will become of Tom and Katherine? Here are our predictions...

(if you have not already seen the 8 episodes of Season 2 you can watch them all, including season one here)

The Paradise series 3: what's going to happen next?

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Well, thank goodness for that. The Paradise series two may have come to an end but at least Denise and Moray are back in one another's arms. We were starting to get a little fed up with their mopey faces and sighing explanations about why they just could not be together. 
But the closing scenes of tonight's final episode saw Denise have an epiphany about her uncle Edmund's empty shop which has conveniently seen absolutely no interest from buyers... until now. Her plan to transform it into a beauty emporium means she will no longer have to work beneath her beloved and is free to build her business empire. Girl power. 
We've always loved Denise for her feminist streak and she continued to delight us with her sort-of proposal to Moray outside The Paradise. The passionate smooch the pair shared as the credits rolled was just adorable. 
Now, while series three is yet to be commissioned, we just can't imagine our Sunday evenings without an indulgent dose of our favourite (fictional) department store – so here are a few predictions for what might be in store when Denise, Moray and co (hopefully) return next year... 
First up, our lovebirds. Thank god they've wiped those miserable frowns from their faces and reunited. But will their happiness stand the test this time around? We're all too familiar with Moray's jealousy of Denise's innate talent and business nous. How will he cope when she constructs her empire just across the street from his store? We see her as an early Anita Roddick building her 19th century Body Shop in a tiny northern village with a curiously large supply of customers and Lucille Ballentine as the most loyal of them (of course). But will her future hubby be her biggest supporter given that her profits will no doubt weaken his business?
Meanwhile, Moray looks to have got a new and daring lease of life – and about time, too. Ok, so chucking dice around to decide his future wasn't the wisest of decisions but we enjoyed seeing the return of his audacious streak when he was gambling his position with Tom Weston. With the pieces of the store now back in his possession, we're rather excited for the creative wonders he could unleash next time around...
John Moray
And presuming he and Denise stay united, how long will they be able to wait before they (finally) make it down the aisle? After the glamorous debacle that was to be his marriage to Katherine, we can imagine Moray is after a low key wedding – perhaps the pair will elope to take their vows? How would Katherine react to that?
Speaking of Katherine, she was last seen leading her volatile (and downright creepy) husband away from the store after he suffered the worst luck the hazard dice have ever seen in his game with Moray. Tom Weston revealed a truly evil streak this week, blackmailing a broke Clemence into becoming his mistress after he purchased her debts from a mysterious Frenchman. But Katherine is never one to throw in the towel and she had a secret – one she used to full effect when tempting her husband back into her arms and convincing him her affection for Moray is no more (we'll believe that when we see it...)
Tom and Katherine Weston
In recent weeks we've seen the bold and outspoken Katherine morph into a timid mouse thanks to her husband's bullying, so we were glad to be reminded of her scheming ways as she wrestled back the upper hand.
But what's the next chapter in the pair's tumultuous relationship? We're predicting an uneasy peace following the birth of their child (with a flower-themed name, of course. Marigold? Hyacinth? Sage if it's a boy?) Poor baby. Although after so many manipulative and underhand dealings this series, we can't imagine Tom will miraculously transform into a simpering, obedient husband. How long before he finds himself another ladyfriend? And with the entire Paradise no longer in his possession, what crafty schemes will he concoct to take down Moray this time around? 
One object of Tom's affection throughout series two was Clara. Poor, wounded Clara who we've grown to rather like in recent weeks. After taking Denise's promotion remarkably graciously, she's proved a good friend and even had a cheeky snog with visiting photographer Christian. So with the head of ladieswear up for grabs once again, will Clara finally get a chance to live happily ever after? We've got our fingers crossed, although with the arrival of entrepreneurial Clemence and her wily French charms, she may just have competition. 
ClemenceClemence showed every sign of staying as the series drew to a close, released from her debt to Weston thanks to Moray's damn good luck and unlikely to return to France where her reputation is no doubt in tatters. Could she be Moray's next little champion? (Professionally speaking, obviously)
And what about the likes of Sam and Susie. We can't help but think they've looked a little lonely this series. Sam's not had anyone to pine over since Denise, meanwhile Susie's beau, Nathaniel, departed rather abruptly at the start of the series. We think it's high time some love interests were written into the show (let's hope the powers that be are reading). 
Last, but by no means least, the store itself. The Paradise has remained pure paradise for its customers over the last two series (well, minus those unfortunate two years when Dudley was left in charge). It remains in rude health looking forward to the next run and we have high hopes of mercurial Mr Moray now he's wrenched back some control. 
So there you have it – our predictions and hopes for series three. But what are yours? 


  1. I love this show! Thank you again for posting all the episodes here!

  2. Thank you June for posting this show! Will there be a Season 3 for the Paradise and if there is, when will it start? Will you be posting them again?

    Thanks for your generosity in doing this. God bless!


  3. Clémence needs to work on her French accent ...!

  4. I think a season 3 is absolutely needed. We want to see a wedding Denise and Moray in a garden setting. Here is an idea, Arthur turns out to be old man Emerson's boy. Moray has to decide if Paradise is rightfully Arthur's. Clara gets married to Peter Adler and her daughter is returned to her. Jonas takes a shy to ..

  5. Hi together,

    i am a huge german fan of the englisch drama series. It's getting really popular right here in Germany now and i love "The Paradise". Unfortunatly i couldn't get any news about series 3. I hope there'll be one. What do you think? I am not sure how long after finishing last season they start producing again. It's very calm at the Moment.

    Best regards

  6. I LOVE this show, and thanks to June we didn't have to wait to see the second series! So hoping that there is a series 3. I bought the soundtrack off of Amazon, and listen to it while at work, it helps ease the withdrawals. I highly recommend the music, I never realized how beautiful it is and stands quite well on its own.

  7. really hope there's a 3rd season! absolute must! love love this show to bits! I really want to see Catherine and Moray together...she really adores him

  8. thank you. i watched the last two episodes on here and thoroughly enjoyed them.

  9. Dan D'Lion . . . not butch enough for Weston son? . . . then, Helichrysum . . . Broc Oli . . . never mind. Just keep Mr. Selfridge going 'til The Paradise makes up its mind. Thank you, SimplyJune. :-D !!!