December 22, 2013

Simply the Spirit of Christmas

Enhance the true Christmas spirit this year by viewing and sharing these short but heartfelt Christmas videos with your family & loved ones.  

O Come, Emmanuel - Christmas Version - ThePianoGuys


  1. LOVE these videos. My family just showed them at a Christmas party last night! From one Mormon mommy to another...I was hoping you'd share our family friendly Christmas version of "Royals". My cousin was so clever to come up with these lyrics and I really want to get it out there for her!! I will understand if it would be weird for you to share it...but it would make my day!! I'm a loyal follower of your blog love it's honesty and realness (for lack of a better word. haha) Anyway, here is our video...Merry Christmas!

    1. of course I'll share it. It was great! Thanks Aubrey!

    2. Oh that's awesome. Thanks so much!!! ;)