December 03, 2013

IMLDSRU? Simply Mormon Humor

This is Brilliant bit of  LDS humor was put together by Mandy at Dash it all.  

When a speaker doesn't feel the need to tell you every emotion they went through when the bishop called them to speak and just get's right into their talk:

Finding out today's sacrament meeting is the primary program:

Sitting back in the congregation after you nailed a musical number:

When you run into a sunbeam you used to teach all grown up:

When a general authority visits your ward:

When you get out of class late and all the treats are gone from the munch and mingle:

When you make it in time to take the sacrament because there was a baby blessing:

When somebody knocks on your door while you're chillin in your g's:

When someone asks you to confirm you'll be at the church Saturday morning to clean:

When you first read Song of Solomon:

When you walk into the gym after the scouts have played basketball:

That kid in sacrament meeting eating goldfish right in front of you on fast sunday:

When someone "brags" that they've never seen a rated R movie:

When they announced they were lowering the missionary age in conference:

When your friend comes back down from bearing their testimony:

When your companion tells you on the last day of the month he wants to go home teaching:

When they send around the sign up sheet for the cannery:


When someone corrects your pronunciation of a biblical name in Sunday School:

When they announce another new Utah temple in conference:

When your leader finally loses his patience with you:

Trying to make a baby laugh during sacrament meeting:

When you go visiting teaching without your companion:

Single mormons in their 20's:

Single mormons in their 30's:

When you hold someone's baby during sacrament meeting:

Finding out the sunday school lesson is on family history:

What the world thinks our stance is on everything:

Primary activity day:

Life of a missionary:

Meanwhile, at the singles ward:

What you wish with all your might mind and strength would happen when someone starts to scratch their sibling's back in church:

At the ward talent show:

When someone preaches false doctrine in their testimony when you've brought an investigator:

When you find out "a light dinner will be served":

Newly graduated girls in the single's ward:

When somebody won't take their crying kid out of sacrament meeting:

Holla at me bishop's:

Being called to be the relief society president in your 20's:

When you try to act like you heard a question in sunday school:

Women wear parachute pants to church day:
When someone's family member visiting your ward gets up to bear their testimony:

It made me giggle so I decided to entertain myself and do more!

When you break your fast:

When you try to read Isaiah:

When your visiting teachers decide to "stop by" and your house isn't clean:

When I try to cry during testimony meeting because everyone else is:

When your friend won't stop talking to you in Sunday School:

When your bishop calls you to be a sunbeam teacher:

When you're about to take the sacrament on fast Sunday:

When someone calls you at the end of the month to see if you did your visiting teaching:

When the teacher hands out treats before the lesson:

When your Relief Society president tries to bond with you:

When you get to sacrament meeting late and are trying to find your family:

When somebody starts in on their third pioneer story in their testimony:

When somebody brings up politics in Sunday School:

When you visit a ward in Utah:

When somebody tries to tell you that 'day of rest' doesn't mean napping:

When someone cute moves into your ward:

What your bishop looks like when he can't stay awake during sacrament meeting:

When you walk out of your room and realize your home teachers are there:

When somebody doesn't ramble on and on when they bear their testimony:

When someone says they like 8am church:

When someone calls you to ask why you're not at Sunday morning meetings:

When the person who bears their testimony every month starts walking up to the pulpit:

At girls camp:

When your visiting teaching companion finally finds out who you are:

Trying to pay attention in the third hour of church:

When you go back to visit your family's ward and everyone asks if your dating someone:

When you found out Christ wasn't born in December:

When your bishop finally finds out you can play the piano:

When another sunday school class get's treats but yours doesn't:

When nobody get's your Arrested Development reference in Sunday School:

When you walk into a different ward and everyone thinks you're an investigator:

When your YM & YW leaders try to act cool at a stake dance:

When you get all dressed up and go to a fireside and then find out there won't be treats:

Coming home after 8am church:

When you see your returning missionary walking out of the terminal:

At a stake dance:


When you're the chorister during sacrament meeting and your friends try to make you laugh:

When someone you've seen sneeze on their hands earlier comes up to shake yours:

When you and your spouse make it through all three hours of church:



  1. Too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Fantastic! Loved the AD references. Here's one I would like to add to your list;
    When someone sneaks to the podium to bare their testimony when we have already gone past the allotted time.