December 26, 2013

Earl of Grantham & 'Mr. Stink'

Earl of Grantham ... is that you?!
Last night (Dec. 22), U.S. "Downton Abbey" fans got quite the shock when Hugh Bonneville appeared in PBS' TV movie "Mr. Stink."
Check out Bonneville's drastically different look in the photos below:
mr stink
mr stink 2
hugh bonneville
mr stink 3
"Mr. Stink" centers on the touching story of Mr. Stink (Bonneville), a homeless man who uses his foul odor as weapon of sorts, and Chloe (Nell Tiger Free), a teenage girl who befriends him. Although Chloe attempts to conceal Mr. Stink in her backyard, her smelly friend becomes a bit of a phenomenon.
"Mr. Stink" originally aired on Sun. Dec. 22. Watch it now below!!

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  1. Wow, does he look different! Btw, will you be posting any from Death Comes to Pemberley??