November 12, 2013

The Downton Abbey Workout!

Get fit while you watch! I wish I could take credit for this but I simply found it online and it didn't say who made it.  Who ever it was is brilliant!   I'm thinking if I start with season one - I'll be seriously fit in no time!!  That is unless of course I binge on chocolate during the awful season three deaths.... those are just too sad and depressing.  Hmmmm.....maybe there should be a rule about things like chocolate.

I got it!  I need to add:

Have a tasty treat every time you think you may possibly like Thomas - two treats if you feel this way for more than two minutes.

Enjoy unlimited amounts of chocolate for one whole hour every time instead of wishing you were Lady Sybil or Lady Mary, you imagine how awesome it would be if you were Edith.  

If your real life is much like Edith's - go ahead and have a treat. Any time you like.

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