November 17, 2013

A Sad Day for Fans of Downton Abbey

Today marks a sad occasion for many diehard fans of “Downton Abbey”: This is the first Sunday that the United Kingdom (and others who have been able to watch online...wink wink)  have not been able to enjoy a new episode since September. It just goes to show how quickly time passes when you are watching and enjoying a great show; before you know it, the ride is over and you then have to go back to sitting around and waiting once again. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for American viewers!)

Thankfully, there is still the annual Christmas special coming up a little later this year, which will allow for there to be all sorts of opportunities to show character growth. As the man behind Tom Branson in Allen Leech recently told Irish station RTE Ten, there will be everything from romance to surprises in store for many of the characters:
“Tom is definitely in the Downton Christmas special. It’s going to be really exciting. There are some major, big, big, big set pieces. Julian Fellowes has gone all out with what he’s written. There’s a major centrepiece for one of the characters and a big event. Paul Giamatti also joins us which will be fun … There is also the start of a couple of love interests for people.”
The last we saw Branson, he was falling for a teacher, and trying to establish himself again as a force in the political realm. This year has been somewhat of a reset for him as he attempts to figure out a few assorted parts to his personality. He wants to ensure that he does not completely lose the man that he was prior to having a child with the late Sybil, but at the same time, there is also a certain aspect of him that has changed that he can never fully abandon either. He has to more or less decide where that happy medium is going to be for him, and then find a way to go from there, live his life, and be happy.

What is in store for the Christmas Episode?  Is Edith's guy a Nazi? Will the electric mixer get the best of Mrs. Patmore?  Will Thomas be up to something mischievous as usual?  Has Mosely found true love?  Is it possible for Lady Mary to be happy again and what is to become of the lovely Anna and her charming Mr. Bates?  The last episode didnt resolve much at all.  If I had my way, Mr. Green would show up again just so we can witness his demise properly. 

‘Downton Abbey’ season 5: The top five things that need to change
Take a look -
Was “Downton Abbey” season 4 at times a pretty fun adventure? Definitely. There were some great episodes, some heartbreaking moments, and also opportunities to get to know the characters. Unfortunately, all that we are left with now is a Christmas special before waiting another nine or so months for the show to be on the for its fifth season. This could be the final year of the show depending on what producers want to, and with that in mind, isn’t it all right if there is an interest already in seeing what we could be coming up ahead?
As we are solutions-oriented here at the site, we’ve come up with five humble storyline suggestions for the new season, pending of course that some of these do not transpire at all during the Christmas special airing in a little over a month. Since this is interactive, we also want to hear some of your thoughts below!
1. Something tangible for Robert to do – When you look at the story arc for Hugh Bonneville’s character this year, you’ll quickly realize one thing: He almost had absolutely nothing to do, outside of give an opinion here or there. None of the drama was centered around him at all, and that made his character hard to follow.
2. More for the men in general – When you think about it, the four characters who really pushed the story of the show this season were Mary, Edith, Rose, and Anna … in other words, all four women. There were smaller arcs for Mr. Carson, Thomas, and Tom near the end of the season, but the guys really were overshadowed almost the entire year by the ladies.
3. At least one daughter of Robert with happy circumstances – Mary’s husband is dead; meanwhile, Sybil herself is dead, and Edith thinks that the man she was about to marry is. These three have some of the sort terrible things happen to them possible, so can’t Mary or Edith have some sort of win soon? There can be drama without devastation, or at least so we like to think.
4. More travel - Rather than just hear about Robert going to America or someone else making the trip abroad, why not show us a little bit and give us a better idea as to what is really going on? This is an opportunity to give us a much more panoramic look at life at this time. While we know that this is pricey, they could at least manage to figure out a way to do it without breaking the bank.
5. Finding a way to push time forward  – We do not necessarily want to see tough financial times for the characters, or the start of World War II on the series. For one, it’s pretty unlikely that Violet would live that long, and this show is almost an idealistic look at times of the British upper class (save for some of the tragedy that occurred this year). Find a way to get deeper into the 1920s, but not where we end up seeing all of the characters emotional and miserable.


  1. Thank you! I am so happy I found DA on your site. I was having withdrawel because of it being taken off of my tv service.

  2. Thanks for presenting all Downton episodes on your site and in english - I watch them in France and it's a great relief to be able to do without the horror of having all characters talking french...
    Can't wait for the 5th series to begin !

  3. Yes. thank you! This is something just for me after all my boys are asleep.