October 06, 2013

Quotes I loved this Week

Stanley Ellis | How We Raise Our Children | General Conference Printables April 2013 by #LDS #LDSconf #Printablesuchtdorf-doubtOctober General Conference 2013:  Elder Christofferson"Live by faith, hold fast to hope and show compassion to one another." Elder Jeffrey R. Holland #ldsconf #faith #compassion #hopeOCTOBER 2013 GENERAL CONFERENCE – SATURDAY MORNING SESSIONThere are lives to brighten, there are hearts to touch, and there are souls to save." President Thomas S. Monson #lds #ldsconf #priesthoodOCTOBER 2013 GENERAL CONFERENCE – PRIESTHOOD SESSION"what is most important" free printable + chalkboard version - President Thomas S Monson quote - www.itsalwaysautumn.comRead a summary of Elder Holland's October 2013 general conference talk. #ldsconfHeather Gardner Photography: LDS General Conference 2013 QuotesLds quote..

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